AMA with Brijesh Deb

An open session for testers - 18 July Saturday 2020 at 11.30 am IST

Join us in an interactive AMA and live Q&A session with test consultant & Agile coach, Brijesh Deb.
Brijesh will discuss “All things Agile & Testing”.

We ask Brijesh how Agile teams can make remote work a success & discuss why some teams consider Agile exhaustive and also some productivity hints he shares with his team. Fill out your questions in the form or ask them live!

About Brijesh Deb:

Brijesh is impassioned about Testing and is currently working as senior testing consultant at Sogeti. He loves to coach teams on Agile and strongly believes there’s #nothingcalledmanualtesting.

Join us to get your Agile+Testing related questions answered!

Know more about Brijesh here:

Brijesh Deb Brijesh Deb

Twitter: @brijeshdeb


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