Feature Comparison

Selenium is the de-facto choice for your test automation woes, but is it a one stop solution?

Comparison overview: Selenium Vs Testsigma



Stand-alone tool for QA

Easy to setup


Easy to Learn and Scale

Quick test creation

Yes, for basic workflows.

Yes, for basic as well as complex workflows.

Open Source & Free

No code / Scriptless

Yes, for basic workflows

Yes, for basic as well as complex workflows

Scripting Support

Support for customization

Supported platforms

Web applications

Mobile Web, Android, iOS, APIs, Database

Languages Supported

Java, Python, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, and PHP

Simple English and JAVA

Test Data Management

Support via integrations

Comprehensive inbuilt support

Visual Testing

Yes, with integration

Yes, inbuilt support

Support for review & collaboration workflows


Intelligent Waits


Detailed Reports

Support via integrations

Comprehensive inbuilt support



Community + dedicated 24x7 support

why testsigma

Why creators are making the switch
from Selenium to Testsigma?

Quick Test case creation

It’s very easy to start your test automation
for the web with Testsigma

  • You can start your test case creation quickly as test creation is done in simple English and no programming skills are required. Thus, Testsigma is very easy to learn.

automate complex test steps

Complex Test Automation in Simple English

With Testsigma, you have the capability to automate even the complex scenarios in Simple English.
Some of the feature that help you there are:

  • i

    Reusable test steps

    There will be certain test steps that will be repeated in your test cases more often. When these can be saved for reuse in other test case, a lot of your time can be saved. Testsigma is built-in with that feature.

  • ii

    Support for loops

    Testsigma is built-in with the support for these complex loops that let you automate complex test steps easily and on time.

Test review

Tests can be reviewed by other non-technical project stakeholders

  • Because the tests are created in Simple English, it is easy to review them for the non-technical members of the team too.
    This ensures that all can contribute in test automation with their knowledge and inputs, making it effective. This also helps improve test coverage as well as the quality of testing.

Test Maintenance

Multiple time-saving test maintenance features

During test automation - after test creation, the most time-taking activity is test maintenance. Test maintenance in Testsigma becomes easier and quick with AI-enabled features like “Self-healing tests” and “affected resources”

  • i

    Self-healing tests:

    Testsigma uses an AI-based intelligent engine in the backend that helps the test cases self-heal and saves a good amount of your time that you would have otherwise spent on test maintenance.

  • ii

    Affected resources:

    Whenever you make a change in your website, there will be some related resources that would be impacted too. Testsigma will help you figure them out automatically.

smart locator

Smart locators

  • The reliability of the automated web tests depends a lot on the robustness of the locators used. Testsigma has a unique strategy by which a locator or a UI identifier gathers multiple locators for one element. This way it becomes easier for the test cases to keep working even if there are changes in the UI.

supports headless browser autoamtion

Supports headless browser automation

  • In headless browser automation, test cases are executed on the browser without rendering the UI thus the complexity of UI interactions is minimized and actions are performed quickly.

  • Testsigma supports headless browser automation and lets you speed up the execution of your test cases easily.

testing environment

The UI for test development is very intuitive and
guides you throughout the process.

  • Not only is the test creation in simple English and super easy, the complete testing environment is built keeping intuitiveness and ease of use in mind

loading web element

Let’s you implement waits in multiple ways so asynchronous loading of web elements is not a problem at all

  • Testsigma is built-in with multiple kinds of waits. Thus, you won’t have to worry about waits being an issue for your test failure. Some waits in Testsigma are implicit such that you don’t need to worry about them. But, if you want to add your own waits, Testsigma gives you the flexibility there.

extent test case to mobile

Extent your test cases to mobile

  • If you support mobile or you plan to support mobile in future, then Testsigma will let you automate the test cases from the same place. You won’t need to look for new tools.

test debugging report

Detailed Reporting and Logs

  • Testsigma lets you access screenshots, video recording or logs of your failure, making your test debugging very easy and convenient.

Integrated CI/CD pipeline

Easily integrate CI/CD

  • If you have already setup CI/CD pipeline, adding Testsigma to it will only be like plug and play.

24×7 support

  • Last but not the least, Testsigma might be built with all edge cases taken care of, but we know your project is unique. There might be times when you might be stuck and that is why the Testsigma support team would be there to help you out every single time.

  • The 24×7 support, as a feature for automated web testing tool Testsigma, will save your precious time that you would otherwise have spent in waiting for a solution on a community or for the testers to figure out.

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