Here we are with a ‘FUNTESTic’ edition this time!

It does seem that last year was deployed to production without testing. And this year doesn't seem any different!

While so much is happening around us, we thought to share with you some testing jokes (we shared a few at work as well!) We also included some links you can check and have a laugh when you have time. Enjoy!

A meeting with PM and dev team after a critical bug is found on production

QA receiving the new "fixed" build!

Tester goes, “Who’s responsible for this code?”

Browser Testing done right! Wait..

“Until death do us apart” 😜

You keep it, no you keep it, no you…

So, is the bug fixed now?

A far-fetched dream!

If you haven’t come across this one yet. Perfectly captured! (Video) Devs watching QA test the product 😝

One bug fix and others that follow (a relatable video)

Tools that a tester must own! By Andy Glover

Find more of Andy’s comics here.

Dangerous fella!

The "positive" tester 😐

Are you sure? 🤔

The Dev-QA debate!


A little game of treasure hunt..!

Tester to Dev: “Tell us where you hid that bug!”


But in the end, they share a love-hate relationship!

Some testing jokes:

A programmer to me: “It puzzles me. The minute I hand the build out to you people, it does not work anymore – Mr. M. Lee

Watching new testers is always fun when testing for the 1st time especially when you have a Dev team with a sense of humor. Planting a few Easter eggs with weird errors in the system can make up for a lot of laughter, and when asked to please re-create the error, there is none! We once had a tester that called the system possessed, and refused to test further. – Hester van Zyl

More fun quotes here.

Software Testing Is Funny! with Demetri Marti
Shmuel Gershon quotes some jokes, and their parallel in testing.

You Must Be Facing This In Real Life
Health hazards you might be facing because you are a tester!

What's The Most Ridiculous Testing Myth?
The thread by MOT has some good responses!

Here’s a fun poll for you!

"Should the tester fix a bug? If so, who will verify the tester's fix?" Let us know your opinion! The best entries will get featured!

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Until next, see ya!

With 💚,
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