Here’s part 2 of BDD!
This edition, we are sharing some additional resources around the topic.

How does TDD compare with BDD?
Read this article by Dan. What is more interesting is the comments in the article!

Here’s one more!

Translating TDD to BDD? By Liz Keogh

Let us now discuss some reasons why BDD can fail.

Is TDD dead?
Kent Beck gives a great example when it makes no sense to use TDD[pos encoded in the link.]

Reasons Behavior-Driven Development Can Fail
Check out some stumbling blocks to BDD adoption.

A Day (or a Sprint) in the Life of a BDD Team
If you are wondering how a typical day of a BDD team looks like, here you go!

Discussion on TDD and BDD by Dan North, Mike Coon, Ron Jeffries, Alistair Cockburn, Bob Martin, and many others
If you are into reading tweets, this will interest you!
A topic that drifts into an interesting discussion on TDD & BDD.

Now, some tools..

Best BDD Tools And Testing Frameworks
Review of top BDD tools and frameworks by Software Testing Help.

Cucumber vs Testsigma
Is Cucumber cool? 13 factors compared with Testsigma.

Your tests should be told as easy as possible and BDD tests use Gherkin which are quite easy to understand and use!

That’s exactly what we do at Testsigma!

The tests are high-level, and written in plain language, easy for teams at any level to review and contribute! It’s not just about easy test creation, check out how Testsigma in itself is a testing cloud ecosystem!