Here we are with the second edition of the newsletter!
Any guesses on what we are covering this time?

Hint: An extension to TDD-but better!

It’s BDD!

In case you are new to the term, here’s a little context.

BDD is the acronym for Behaviour-Driven Development.

BDD is used to understand the behaviour of a feature and to make sure that it is developed to behave in the expected way.

And, this is done by The Three Amigos (BA or product owner, developer & tester). Together, they review each of the feature’s User Stories, to develop a shared understanding, and write down examples that describe the expected outcome.

They write these acceptance criteria in the Gherkin language. Gherkin scenarios are meant to be short and to sound like plain English. Each scenario has the following structure:

These feature files can be shared with the rest of the team(developers and testers(manual or via automation). Keep in mind that BDD is meant for development guidance, not test coverage. Accepting that distinction allows us to create better processes, techniques and tools to improve testing.

Dan North: "BDD Is Not About Testing"
Let’s hear it from Dan North, the creator where he also talks about the purpose of testing, the superpowers of a tester and of course, BDD. Why did he name it BDD? Find out!

Introducing BDD
If you are a beginner, you must refer to this one here!

How The Three Amigos made us an effective team
If you are wondering if this is actually a thing, here’s an experience shared by Sylvia Macdonald

BDD with Gherkin
BDD with Gherkin explained. More on BDD and how we can bridge the gap between business and development.

What are the benefits of BDD?
Andrew Knight aka Automation Panda explains.

Want to hear about TDD?
“Test Driven Development, an Example” a book by Kent Beck, which may be the holy grail of TDD.

Another great online read would be
"The Art of Agile Development: Test-Driven Development"

We are not so over BDD yet!

We have more interesting reads on the topic which we will share with you in our next edition.

Stay tuned!