2021 is almost over!

And, we thought to take a moment to reflect on the year and where we are headed!

At Testsigma, we engaged with industry experts, conversed with our customers and learnt that it was more important to be able to continue and provide to the community, now more than ever.

Testsigma has built a great portfolio for itself with brands like Freshworks, APA, HPE, Sage who are our customers. Having a global audience and seeing their strong interest in our product, we decided to go open-source to be of service to an even larger audience.

So, we bring you Testsigma now free for everyone, no budget constraints, with absolutely no strings attached!

Great support, features and now a bigger community. You will be among the first to get notified when we go live!

Queries or want to volunteer? Write to us at community@testsigma.com

Here’s a recap of some of our top 2021 picks and some events you don’t want to miss!

Top blogs

QA Life In 2021
Kelly Chinn, a senior QA, gives a detailed account of her life as a QA in 2021 and what changed for her.

What Software Testing Looks Like In 2021: 3 Key Elements
What testers need to do in 2021? And how can they do it? This blog talks about it and more.

Future Of Testing And Last Five Years?
A well-thought post on what all changed in testing in the last 5 years.

Airbnb’s Monorepo Journey To Quality Engineering
A close look into the interesting and business-driven quality engineering story of Airbnb.

5 Tricks From 5 Years As A Software Tester
5 tricks that would be helpful, not only for your testing team, but for the well-being of all teams in general.

Legacy Test Automation Code 😨 …. What Should QAs Do?
What do you do when you have legacy test automation code to work with? Some great tips to get you going.

Good Software And How To Get It
This blog answers some important questions around getting good software and how, in a unique style.

Ultimate Guide To Reducing The Amount Of Defects And Other Waste In Your Product
How do you deal with the waste in your product? An intriguing post with great insights.

The Best Developers Test Their Code
The importance of testing your code, from the perspective of a developer.

33 Routines To Make You A Better Tester
‘33 routines to make you a better tester’ is a book for testers, and here is a review that would give you the reasons for why this book needs to be read.

There are a lot of testing events, webinar conferences that happened this year. And, if you missed some of them, here are some more you may not want to miss!

Binge them!

Test JS Summit
TestJS Summit is a 2-day online event for QAs and software developers to get up to date with JS testing best practices, sharpen skills and get latest updates from top products core teams.

CAST 2021
CAST 2021 is in person this year, and is going to be held in Atlanta on November 8th and 9th.

The Best Software QA And Testing Conferences Of 2021
A list of all events that happened and a couple more you can attend in the year 2021

💡 If you couldn’t attend Testsigma’s latest webinar on Stability, & KPIs. Watch it here!

What to look out for?

Synapse QA SuperReads 2021
An ongoing event for testers around the globe. They also have various webinar sessions termed, ‘Sparks’ packed with interesting webinar discussions.

QA Global Summit'22
An insightful and informative session for QA Engineers by Geekle.

Automation Guild 2022
Joe Colantonio is already planning on Guild 2022 & you might not want to miss it!

Keep an eye out on some of these community pages for all things testing!

MOT, The Test Tribe, The Test Chat Community, The QA Lead podcasts.

Until next, see ya!

With 💚,
Team Testsigma