Visual Testing refers to testing the visual aspects of an application.

Visual bugs can be an unpleasant experience to users even though your app is functionally stable. So, it is important to ensure they do not slip through.

Would functional testing not suffice, you ask?

While it’s possible to test for visual elements using traditional functional tests, oftentimes, they are difficult to maintain considering it involves more locators and test code. Almost like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut! 🥜

Now that we have some context, here are some helpful recommendations.


What Is Visual Testing? A Definitive Answer [And Approach]
How do you define Visual Testing? Here's a look at the benefits that adopting visual testing can have on Dev and QA teams.‰

How To Remove Blind Spots With Visual Testing
Angie Jones discusses visual testing and addresses misconceptions surrounding it.

Hands-On Visual Regression Testing
A great resource to understand visual testing and pros and cons of some visual testing tools like Wraith, Phantom CSS and some more.

💡 Your 7-item list for responsive design

Why you shouldn't skip visual testing! 😆

Good practices

What To Consider When Doing Visual Testing
Marie Drake shares some useful tips to implement visual testing on various projects.

[Video] Spot The Difference: Automating Visual Regression Testing
A talk by Viv Richards where he discusses common pitfalls, and shares tips to overcome them based on the experience of creating a custom visual test framework.

Things To Consider When Running Visual Tests In CI/CD Pipelines
Jessica Deen discusses best practices and tips to handle visual testing in CI/CD.

💡 Some software UI bugs


Visual Testing For Mobile Applications
If you are looking to get started, here’s a quick reference of frameworks that help you visually test mobile apps.

The Top 21 FREE Visual Validation Tools For Testers
Are there any open-source visual validation tools options? Joe Colantonio shares a list of 21 free tools you can use for your visual validation testing efforts.

Image And Screenshot Comparison Tools For UI Testing
Popular tools and platforms for QAs to compare screenshots when testing web UIs.


How To Automate Visual Testing Using Java, Selenium WebDriver And aShot
How to work with the combo and some tool suggestions if you are a beginner to visual testing.

Pixel Perfect UI: How To Automatize Automation Testing On Android
With Snapshot Testing.

Visual Testing — The Pragmatic Way To Test UIs
“Once you’ve seen the benefits of working at the component-level and visually testing, it won’t be long until you’ll start convincing your team to join in” - Tom Coleman. Covers how component explorers allow us to test user interfaces effectively.

Visual Testing - A Step Beyond Selenium
Do you feel like after automating all possible flows in the app you still have to verify it manually again and again? Here’s an alternative approach shared by Sergiu Tudos.

My Visual Testing Toolbox
Martin Schneider integrates OpenCV, Galen and Tesseract with Selenium.


Why We Left Manual UI Testing Behind
How Canva uses visual regression testing to instill confidence in every product update.

How We Do Visual Regression Testing
Here's how the team at Friday performs visual regression testing.

Visual Testing- Its Importance For Modern Websites & Mobile Apps
How Webomates perform visual testing using Galen.

Screenshot Testing For Android To Discover UI Regressions
At adidas Runtastic, Android engineers share a lot of UI components across their apps. Here’s a blog on how they test UI components against visual regressions using screenshot testing.

Snapshot Testing On iOS
Is snapshot testing worth it? Well, let’s back up and get more context.

So, are you planning to include visual testing in your QE pipeline? Or already have one? We'd love to know!

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