Unit tests, sometimes referred to as micro tests, are used to verify if each of the smaller pieces/units(in most cases, functions) of a software works as expected to give us the confidence that the whole software works too.

Basically, you write code to check if the code you wrote earlier works fine! 🤪

There are mixed responses to whether or not unit testing is an ideal approach. But, one thing is clear. You must be aware of unit testing and its scope in testing.

There are mixed responses to whether or not unit testing is an ideal approach. But, one thing is clear. You must be aware of unit testing and its scope in testing.

So, let’s dive in!

What, how, it’s scope..

You Still Don’t Know How To Do Unit Testing(And Your Secret Is Safe With Me)
Erik Dietrich on what unit testing is, what it isn’t, a dead simple unit test and some best practises.

Your Guide To Different Unit Testing Techniques : Unit Testing, TDD, BDD
What is it with all the “DD” - ending acronyms? Have you ever wondered about the differences between unit testing and TDD? Or TDD and Test-First?

What's The Scope Of A Unit Test?
The scope of a unit test should be the smallest unit that still adds value. But, that may vary depending on the programming language you're using.

💡 How Jeff Atwood puts it - I Pity The Fool Who Doesn't Write Unit Tests

Is QA needed after all?

Why Do You Need to Unit Test If You Have A QA Team?
How’s a QA team related to the unit testing process?

Is QA Necessary, Or Should Developers Do Their Own Testing?
The current trend among software development teams is to move away from QA-based testing in favor of developer-based testing. Which way should your team go?

A Tester's Guide To Unit Testing
It is important to test as close to the code as possible by playing in the unit test space, because this is where the majority of testing efforts need to be focused!

Tester-Driven Unit Testing : Taking An Active Role
“Becoming involved in unit and integration testing gives testers a great incentive to further enhance their development skills.” - Anastasios Daskalopoulos.

💡 Abhijeet Vaikar - Unit Testing from a tester's perspective

More for testers..

Unit Testing Guidelines What To Test And What Not
Find guidelines regarding unit testing - what to be unit tested or not, to what extent and so on.

Mutation Testing : Automate The Search For Imperfect Tests
Henry Cole shares how you can locate incorrect and incomplete unit tests with pitest.

Unit Testing And Development : Build Tests Before You Code
“Taking a unit testing first approach means that you start with a strong foundation on which to build and a means to validate it.” An experience shared by Bluefruit Software.

💡 A card trick about unit tests


TDD Is Not About Unit Tests
Explains why writing unit tests doesn't mean that you are really doing TDD.

Unit Tests Don't Find Bugs : The Death Of QA
Shannon Behrens shares his lesson he learnt painfully when working with unit tests.

Why unit testing isn’t enough! 😂

Coverage & quality

Why I Set My Unit Test Coverage Threshold To 100%
Francesco Borzì on how he uses code coverage as a tool, not as a goal.

100 Percent Unit Test Coverage Is Not Enough
Why do we need testers when our code is 100 percent covered by unit tests run by developers?


On The Effectiveness Of Unit Test Automation At Microsoft
Effectiveness of unit testing - a case study proof from Microsoft.

Goto Fail, Heartbleed, And Unit Testing Culture
Unit testing wasn't a widespread practice at Google in its early years. Here’s how a group of volunteers(Testing Grouplet) helped drive the adoption of unit testing, persuading developers of the value of unit testing.

💡 Are really great programmers known to use unit testing?


Is JUnit Only For Unit Testing?
“Would you recommend learning 'Java for Testers' to software testers who would rather not be involved in “unit testing” but rather involved in system and UAT?" - Alan Richardson answers.

UI Unit Testing
“There’s such a thing as UI unit testing, and I’m really excited about it!” - Kristin Jackovany

NUnit vs. XUnit vs. MSTest
Comparing the three major C# Unit testing frameworks & a demonstration using remote Selenium Grid.

Unit Testing Angular Apps
A step by step guide for writing simple unit tests in Angular.

A Beginner’s Guide To Unit Testing With Jest
For Javascript, Jest is one of the most widely used testing frameworks. Here’s a guide if you are looking to get started in writing Jest tests.

Test Your Spring Boot Applications With JUnit 5
Learn how to use JUnit 5 to write Java-based unit and integration tests for your Spring Boot apps.

How To Unit Test Your Database
Why unit test your database, how and some tools to check.

Understanding Unit Tests For Android In 2021
Understanding and making unit & instrumented tests.

Is your QA team involved in unit testing❓

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