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Welcome to edition #21. Let’s scrum it!

Much like a Rugby team from where it gets its name, Scrum emphasizes the importance of intense teamwork. Scrum is a strategy being widely integrated into most of the world’s top technology companies.

When following scrum methodology - a product is built in a series of iterations where a complex problem is broken down into short sprints. And at the end of every sprint you must produce a product increment which is thoroughly tested and meets the team’s definition of “Done”.
The Scrum Guide explains Scrum more in detail.

What’s scrum, you ask?

A Short Story About A Scrum Team
A fictional story that aims to help achieve a better understanding of Scrum, especially for readers who have not yet experienced Scrum for themselves.

How To Explain Agile And Scrum To Your Grandpa In 5 mins
“When you can’t explain something in simple terms, you begin suspecting that something might be off.” Natalia Babaeva breaks down Scrum with the help of a simple analogy.

The New New Product Development Game using Scrum
Scrum is inspired by a Jan 1986 issue of HBR by Takeuchi, Hirotaka; Nonaka, Ikujiro. Here’s an attempt to provide a refresher to people who are still struggling with understanding the Scrum framework foundation blocks.

💡 A list of Scrum articles, guides and books that have defined Scrum

Is there room for testers in Scrum?

The New Scrum Guide: Are Testers No Longer Needed?
Cor van der Velde attempts to clarify some misconceptions surrounding the 2020 Scrum Guide.

Secrets Of High Quality Software Development
Webinar Q&A with Jeff Sutherland on Quality, Scrum.


Is There Any Start And Stop Boundary To The QA’s Role In Scrum?
What is a QA's Role in Scrum?

Why Do Testers Become Scrum Masters?
Ash Winter attempts to identify why Testers often become Scrum Masters.

Experiments, Practices, And Strategies For Being A Remote Scrum Master
When working remotely, what experiments, practices, and strategies can you use to become an effective and successful Scrum Master?


7 Ways Doing Scrum Wrong Hurts Software Quality
How doing Scrum wrong can really hurt the quality of the software you are testing. This post explores how to avoid those wrongs.

How To Run QA Sprints Alongside Product Sprints In The Scrum
Rajnavakoti on QA concerns in the scrum and his experience and advises others on how we can solve them.

Communication In Software Testing: Scrum
"The product owner really needs to be aware of him being the gatekeeper of all communication between the customer and the team.” - A read by Christian Kram." on communication and natural language in the context of software testing and development.

Practice & Experience

A Testing Planning Ceremony For Scrum Teams
João Farias describes a simple planning ceremony to better integrate team members in testing activities.

My Experience As A QA In Scrum
In this article, Priyanka Hasija shares her experiences and the valuable lessons learned over the past 2 years while serving as a QA analyst on a Scrum team.

How Does QA Fit with Scrum?
David Pereira shares the typical misunderstandings of QA with Scrum and some alternatives to build a healthier relationship between Product Owners and QA.

What Does QA Do On The First Day Of A Sprint?
How can you have a full-time QA person as part of your scrum team? What do they do in the first part of the sprint?


Strategies For Handling Unplanned Work During Sprint
Kiryl Baranoshnik examines different strategies a team can employ to handle unplanned work.

Scrum by Example – How to Handle Production Support Issues in Scrum
Whenever you're deploying a complex system, there are always going to be bugs, defects, usability problems. This article by Mark Levison is an example of how Scrum teams can manage them.

Should Bug Fixing Be A Part Of Scrum Team Velocity?
Should we account for defects as part of velocity or not? In this blog, Meetu Gujral summarizes the different perspectives and suggests an approach that works for me.

One Way To Handle Production Support And Bugs In Scrum – Bradley Bug Chart
The Scrum Guide doesn’t directly address how to incorporate production support and bugs into your Scrum implementation. Here's a strategy(chart) developed by Charles Bradley.

Let’s debate!

💡 Scrum Vs Kanban - Which One Takes Care Of Your Well-Being?
Do you feel the modern practices create burnout in your opinion?

Why Scrum Doesn’t Kill Your Product — You Do
Maarten Dalmijn sheds light on how Scrum is supposed to work.


Scrum Master Vs Project Manager — An Overview Of The Differences.
Isn’t a Scrum Master some kind of an Agile Project Manager?

A Modern Tester With Scrum Master Hat
In this talk, Ana Maria talks about the 7 modern testing principles and compares the activities of a modern tester and a scrum master, demonstrating how they might align.

💡 Hey, Scrum Master - a parody song dedicated to the scrum master

User stories

Is It Really Such A Bad Idea To Change Your Sprint Length?
Are you flexible with your sprint lengths? Is that a bad idea? Benjamin Day explains. (Hint: yes, it is!)

The Sprint Has Started And I Have A Set Of User Stories To Test. Now What?
Approaches that can be used in creating and organizing tasks for manual and automated testing so that testing can start work from the start.

How Programmers And Testers (And Others) Should Collaborate On User Stories
Have the testers on your team ever struggled with what they should do early in a sprint? And have the programmers ever wondered what they should do near the end of the sprint while the testers are verifying the implemented code?

💡 What do you think? Should you keep user stories as undone until QA certifies as working?

Testers, Scrum and its masters!

Transitioning To Agile/SCRUM: The Impact On Testing
Jeroen Mengerink describes the impact of transitioning from traditional/waterfall development to the more flexible, less documented Agile/SCRUM approach. The transition often proves to be a challenge at some point.

How Testers Can Collaborate With The Scrum Master
Scrum masters serve the team by providing facilitation and coaching, but they also have many challenges. Here are some ways testers can partner with, support, and assist the scrum master and the rest of the team.

The Intersection Of Scrum Masters And Testing
Jeff Nyman shares some questions that he thinks would be asked in an interview in relation to testing and quality but in a scrum master context.

What challenges does your QA team face with scrum, or do they?

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