When pants are optional and hair undone, hope the remote working days are going just fine for you!

Welcome to this week’s edition where we talk about the remote working situation and how testers are coping with it!

“There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle” states GitLab’s Remote Work Report 2021.

Coping with the new norm..

Remote Testing Teams: How To Overcome Key Challenges
Meaghan Lewis shares her experience of working with co-located teams at Github. What she learnt and how she changed the way of working.

My Recipe For Successful Offshore Agile Team Management
How do you foster trust in dispersed teams? Read how an experienced software development leader has built trust within his remote team and benefited from it.

How To Build A Remote Test Automation Team
Some important questions that should be answered before you start building a test automation team and then how to tie it all up together.

3 Tips To Manage A Remote QA Team
How do you ensure your testing team doesn't miss a beat when everyone works from home? Here are three best practices for you to manage remote QA teams.

💡 The Joy Of Remote Mode - Emna Ayadi’s remote working experience

Partners in crime

How To Make Remote Pair Testing Work
How to make the most out of pair testing when working remotely? Find out.

How A Tester Can Make A Developer’s Life Easier
Damian Modernell shares some tips so that developers can spend more time solving bugs, and testers can spend less time explaining.

Stand-ups/morning roll-call/daily huddle

The Daily Standup Is A Planning Meeting - Not A Status Update
The shift from treating the Daily Standup as a status meeting to treating it as a planning meeting is a powerful but subtle one, so it’s not always obvious how a team can do so. But here are a few tips that can help.

Use Your Stand Up To Make Testing Visible
“We can make our testing more visible by being transparent in our stand ups”, says Katrina Clokie.

Things A Tester Should Say At A Daily Standup
Hey testers, don’t say, “Yesterday I tested a story. Today I’m going to test another story. No impediments.” a read by Eric Jacobson.

Here’s a funny take on stand ups, which one are you? 😆

💡 This book has an example where a 50-person Kanban team does daily standups in 10 minutes

Productivity hacks & tools

Tools For Remote Engineering Teams
What to consider when adopting software for a distributed team.

How To Make Automation Work With Device Providers On Cloud
Should you go for automation with device providers on cloud when you can build up an in-house device lab?

16 Best Practices Of CI/CD Pipeline To Speed Test Automation
Your remote testing team will be able to deliver test cycles on time.

The Remote Workers’ Toolkit : 15 Tools You Need To Work Remotely
The types of remote work tools you'll need and give you our picks for the best in every category.

Some remedies

How To Unplug From Work When Work Is Where You Unplug
Strategies to help remote employees unplug from work and maintain work-life balance.

19 Ways Hotjar's Remote Team Stays Focused And Productive
Techniques and tips that help the Hotjar team stay focused and productive while working remotely.

Zoom Fatigue – Why Video Calls Are So Exhausting
While virtual video meetings are keeping us all connected, they are also taking a toll. How do we combat Zoom fatigue?

💡 6 Slack Apps For Employee Engagement You Didn't Know About

Do you wish to get back to work? Well, not many! Here's why🤭

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