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We start with “A” for AI!

There is a lot of talk around the use of AI and ML, in the IT industry generally and not just in testing!

Let’s get into some facts, reads related to AI in testing!

We recently hosted a webinar on AI and in a poll we conducted during the webinar, we asked our attendees if they implemented AI/ML in Testing and here’s what we found!

43% responded with a Yes, 29% said No, 14% responded as Maybe, while 14% responded as Not Sure.

It is interesting to see that many teams are now implementing AI and are enthusiastic about the prospects for AI and ML.

We also asked our respondents why they thought AI was becoming a trend? Majority stated that it was due to its efficiency and accuracy while others thought AI saves time.

A few others also thought AI was really cool!

As far as AI being a threat to testers, we do think AI assisted tools do have the potential in autonomous testing, self-healing tests, automated test authoring, predicting failures. But, we do not believe it has the ability to reduce or remove humans from the testing effort just yet! (Fun part, though AI can solve complex human tasks, it still can’t validate captchas :P)

(Fun part, though AI can solve complex human tasks, it still can’t validate captchas :P)

Here are our top recommendations on AI:

What Does AI Mean For The Modern Testing World by Vipul Kocher
A great webinar on AI and Testing by Vipul Kocher.

Andrew Ng - The State of Artificial Intelligence
The current situation of AI and what to do to become an “AI-first company”.

How to apply AI to testing by Jeremias Rößler
How AI can be trained to generate tests that are optimized towards several goals.

The Next Big Thing: Testing AI and Machine Learning Applications
Angie Jones shares her experience testing an AI/ML application

Here are our top AI related reads:

Why AI in testing matters
Paul Merrill discusses what you need to know about AI in testing.

5 ways AI will change software testing
Here are five ways experts see the introduction of AI changing testing.

Can AI-driven testing enhance automation?
AI has made a substantial contribution to testing in general. But, can AI-driven test automation significantly enhance test automation?

A keynote by Tariq King, can Artificial Intelligence terminate manual testing?
Can AI help us find better solutions for automated oracles, test generation, system modeling, and defect discovery? Tariq walks us through recent advances in AI and ML.

Here's a PDF you can download by Jason Arbon on AI in testing
Download PDF

Companies are doubling down on artificial intelligence and machine learning due to pandemic
A survey that identifies that companies are willing to invest more in AI at the onset of the pandemic.

Here’s a bonus read!

AI-Powered Tools Are Revolutionizing The Software Development Industry
How AI can be used as additional help to test effectively.

PS: Checkout How Testsigma is using AI

And, we have a questionnaire where we aim to measure how deep the application of AI in testing is for real: Psst..survey takers may win some cool goodies!😉

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