Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
A few think QA is monotonous while to some it is the best job ever!

This edition, we share some tips, reads for QA engineers in the testing world!

Breaking into testing

How To Break Into Software Testing
Mark Winteringham shares some realistic approaches you can adopt to increase your chances of getting into software testing.

Awesome Testing Courses & Tutorials
Unmesh Gundecha’s curated list of online courses & tutorials on software testing, test automation and more.

A Day In The Life Of A QA Engineer
Each day in the life of a QA engineer is different and being in QA means you never stop learning! Here’s what a QA working day at Nebb looks like.

Bonus💡 A PDF from Redgate on QA Engineer skills.

For newbie testers

Suggestions For The (New) Testers
“Study the product, without focusing too much on test design and test techniques, at first.” advice Michael Bolton.

9 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started As QA Engineer
Pramod Dutta, a QA Lead at Browserstack shares 9 points you should be paying attention to.

Java For QA Automation Engineers: How To Learn?
If you are a manual tester and want to be a QA automation engineer, learn Java and programming via 10 steps shared by John Selawsky.

Bonus💡 Testing Book Recommendations


QA Engineering Roles: Skills, Tools, and Responsibilities in a Testing Team
Depending on team size, structure, and organization’s specific needs, the role of a software tester is viewed and utilized differently.

Are Developers More Important Than QA Testers? Probably.
Amy Reichert explains how you can be a unique, powerful QA so you won't be ignored.

Full-Stack Tester: A New Breed Of Software Quality Experts
A full-stack tester should have the capabilities to demonstrate 'The Big Five'.

Changing roles

Do We All Need To Become SDITs?
"We’ve seen a shift towards companies asking for SDIT / SDETs in their teams instead of traditional testers. Do we all need to become SDITs?" Callum Akehurst-Ryan delves deep into the topic.

How Manual Testers Are Evolving Into Automation Engineers
Jennifer Scandariato explains the changing role of the manual tester, how they can adapt to a much faster environment, and why security is more important than ever before.

From Dev to Quality Assurance: Insights For All Engineers
Whether you are a developer or a QA, there are lessons from both sides to be learned from reading this article.

Improving skills

How To Improve Questioning Skills
Asking good questions is one of the best skills a tester can have. OK, but how do you learn that? Shrinivas Kulkarni has some great insights.

Should Testers Learn How To Write Code?
The Testers And Coding Debate: Is it time to move on? By Paul Gerrard.

Developing Quality Assistance Skills
The top quality assistance skills and how to develop them - a read from Atlassian.

Where Should You Invest Your Limited Testing Efforts?
As a tester, it’s time to become a “Broken Comb”.

Some tips

Testers Need To Read Code
Maaret Pyhäjärvi says that testers should be able to read developer's code. Why? Simply to improve your testing capabilities and increase cooperation with the development team.

So You Want To Become More Technical?
If you are a software tester looking to get more technical DO NOT start with automation. Check out Samantha Connelly’s 5 steps to becoming more technical.

What Is The Right Question To Ask?
Asking questions like "Do we need testing?" are important. But there are other questions we should probably ask first.

10 Actionable Tips To Excel As A Test Automation Engineer
Sumon Dey shares 10 actionable tips to help you excel in your career as a test automation engineer.

Bonus💡 Testing Essentials: What To Test When You Run Out Of Time?

Testing under time pressure is tough. Check out 8 tips from Kinga Witko on how to decide what to test when short on time.

Lessons from experts

10 Years In Testing, 10 Lessons
Lessons learnt in testing for 10 years by Maaike Brinkhof.

34 Years In Testing
In case you missed it, check out James Bach’s retrospection of his journey over the years.

How Testing Skills Made Me A Better Automation Developer
Anecdotal evidence that learning testing skills can help you to become a better developer and why some developers might overlook the testing skill set.

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