'Gangnam Style' overflowed YouTube’s view counter, displaying negative number view count prompting the site to upgrade!

Did YouTube miss to test the edgecase?

It sure is important to be ‘negative’ too about testing, ey? 😈
Let’s check some ‘negative’ reads to find out!

Negative Testing: Is It Important?
Not just video counts that went beyond a 32 digit integer count, an error as a result of a divide by zero too can be deadly. If you are striving for high standards and high quality in your software system, you must implement negative testing in your quality process.

Positive Vs Negative Test Cases: Which Is Which?
Positive and negative test cases...sounds like a simple concept, right? Interestingly enough, it’s easy to get turned around. Stop the confusion with these definitions and examples of how to use each.

What Is Negative Testing And How To Write Negative Test Cases?
What’s a positive and negative test? How are they different? Some examples to understand what kind of negative tests can be performed while testing an application.

The Negatives Of "Negative Testing"
Testing in Pradeep Soundararajan's opinion should not be classified as 'positive' or 'negative'. Negative Testing can have different meanings in different contexts. He further explains with a list of scenarios.

Why Negative Testing Matters: How To Avoid Your Next fail
We naturally check if something works as expected. But are we testing negative paths too? Here's a good reminder from Joydip Kanjilal on why it's important to look at the other side of the coin. Useful techniques and examples included.

Taking The Negativity Out Of Negative Testing
Should we stop using the Positive vs. Negative terminology? Will that help the team become more receptive towards your suggestions?

Test Case Paths : Happy, Sad & Bad
There are either Positive or Negative test cases. Here’s a different way of categorizing test cases as “Happy/Sad/Bad” path testing.

Everything You Need to Know About Negative Test Cases
How can you create negative test cases? Includes free templates that can be customized and also downloaded.

How To Write Test Cases For Login Page With Practical Examples?
A set of test cases you must try when testing out a login page.

Why Does Testing Process Need Negative Testing?
It is normally important to test that the software performs basic functionalities as per the requirements; however, it is equally important that the software is able to handle the negative (abnormal) situations gracefully. Showcases some examples as well.

Do You Have To Be Negative To Be A Tester?
You do not have to be negative to be a tester. But you do have to understand that negative feedback is necessary and should be treated as a positive.

Top 10 Negative Test Cases Used During Software Testing
10 most used negative test scenarios that should be applied regularly.

Negative Testing for More Resilient APIs
How does the happy path compare to the unhappy path and which is a recommended flow for testing?

Negative Test Patterns
As a part of handling failure cleanly, an organization has to do negative testing. Here are some examples of negative testing scenarios.

Negative Testing With Selenium
A few ways to do negative testing of Instagram with Selenium.

9 Ways To Be Positive About Negative Testing
The article discusses the ‘Classic Triangle Problem’, basic principles of negative testing, ways to design and perform negative tests.

Testing The “Negative” In Software
Negative test cases are important to ensure that any mishandling, invalid, or interruptive behavior performed to an application or device does not produce unexpected behavior. Some important negative test categories include "interrupt" and "edge" test cases.

Move Fast, Break Things: How To Test The Limits Of Your Web App
It can be difficult to truly put yourself in someone else's shoes and come up with those edge cases. Brainstorming a list of scenarios might be the best way to come up with new ideas for negative testing. Here’s how you can check the limits of your web app.

The Positive Outcomes Of Negative Testing
Software testing is about looking for unexpected behaviors, so that we find them before a user does. When negative testing is combined with Happy Path testing, we can ensure that our users will have no unpleasant surprises. Here are 5 reasons you should not just follow the happy path.

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