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As mobile use continues to soar, the quality of your mobile applications is more critical than ever! Let’s scroll through some mobile testing reads this time!

How To Build A Mobile App That Customers Love
Building a mobile app that customers love is no easy feat. But some companies do a good job! So, how do they do it? This article has some top tips for building an unbeatable mobile app.

Native Vs Hybrid Vs Responsive: What App Flavour Is Best For You?
Mobile apps are mainly of 3 types that you may commonly hear. Which one should you be building for your business?

What Is Mobile App Testing And Why Is It Important?
And just how it can help you develop a five-star-rated app that will climb to the top of the marketplace ranking.

Why Is Mobile Testing Tough?
A kid rejects a game due to poor testing! A take on why mobile testing is tough.

💡 It’s 2021 and what is mobile friendly, you ask?

Making A Mobile-Friendly Website: The Why And How?
Why do you need a mobile friendly website? What’s the process of building a mobile-friendly website?

8 Signs You Need To Implement Mobile Test Automation
How do you know if it is time to invest in automating your mobile tests? Dive in to decode 8 signs which reflect the need for automation.

Automation Of Mobile Testing – When To Do And When Not To Do
You can do mobile testing manually, or via automation, but, when to do what?

Checklist For Mobile App Testing
How should you test a mobile app? Here’s a step by step mobile app testing checklist to ensure your mobile apps are tested thoroughly!

A Checklist For Selecting The Right App Testing Environment
Mobile app testing would never be complete without the environments. Here’s an article that would answer your doubts about what should be the right app testing environment and how you can select one.

Challenges Of Mobile App Testing And How To Solve Them?
Is mobile testing a challenge? It is considered to be! Here are some common challenges of testing apps on mobile devices and some methods we can use to overcome them.

How To Perform Manual Mobile Testing Effectively?
With the rise in automated testing, manual testing might sound redundant. However, certain aspects of an app such as usability, accessibility, ease of use, etc. cannot be judged by a machine, no matter how advanced the algorithm.

Automated Vs Manual Mobile App Testing: Do You Need Both?
A rundown on what automated and manual testing means, their differences, respective pros and cons, and ways developers can take advantage of both.

Testing Apps On A Simulator Vs Emulator Vs Real Device
Should you do your mobile testing on emulators, real devices, or a mix of both? These insights will help decide which is right for you.

10 Best Practices For Mobile App Testing
A blog series enriched with best practices to test a mobile app, how to do iPhone app testing, testing your mobile apps online on a cloud service, do Android app testing and on how to adopt these best practices.

Are You Selecting the Best Tools For Mobile Software Testing?
Mobile testing is vastly improved when you’re working with the best possible tools. So how should you go about choosing your mobile testing tools?

Testing Best Practices For Web & Mobile Apps During COVID-19
Find testing best practices to produce flawless web and mobile apps throughout quarantine.

A Day In The Life Of A Mobile App Tester
How does Sam Connelly test during a code review? Let’s dive deeper into what an average day for her is like.

[Visual] Mobile Test Automation Best Practices
Learn strategies for mobile test automation - including execution environment setup, automation practices and running automated tests in the CI pipeline.

[WEBINAR] - Stop Testing (Only) The Functionality Of Your Mobile Apps!
There is more to test on mobile than just functionality and device-related testing.

Mobile App Test Strategy Gaps
Sam Connelly shares her experience of working on an Android and iOS app for over 2 years and how she fixed some.

Test Strategy In Mobile And Big Screen Testing
A story co-authored by Sivamoorthy Bose and Mariia Hutsuk on the experience of testing mobile, STB, big screen and casting applications.

How To Use Selenium For Mobile Cross Browser Testing (With Examples)
An example of how to use Selenium for mobile cross browser testing on real Android and iOS devices and real web browsers on these platforms.

Checklist For Mobile App Testing: 15 Gaps To Look For
A checklist for mobile app testing covers 15 often undertreated aspects to consider when developing or updating applications. Are you missing them too?

Mobile Accessibility Testing – Getting Started
The key to your product flying through mobile accessibility testing is to consider accessibility for all at the planning stage, and not as an afterthought.

Non Functional Mobile App Testing
When you are testing mobile apps, there are a number of non-functional elements you need to consider like push notifications, device network issues, location services and app installation. How do you test these areas?

Mobile App Security Best Practices For 4 Vulnerability Types
Follow these mobile app security best practices to address improper OS usage, insecure data storage, insecure traffic and API calls and code tampering.

How To Simulate Slow Network Conditions For App Testing (Android And iOS)
Network simulation helps developers or QAs simulate the performance of a website in different bandwidths like 2G, 3G, 4G, etc. Here are 2 easy methods to simulate slow networks on iOS and Android devices.

Mobile App Performance Testing Checklist
Mobile app testing is so important because it allows us to predict failures and avoid losses.

[PODCAST] Next Generation Mobile Testing
Jonathan Wright is joined by Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist at Perfecto. Listen(also read transcript) to learn more from the experts as they discuss all about the next generation mobile testing.

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