A tester’s love for testing knows no bounds and bugs! 💕

Testing is an enticing and challenging role. There will always be issues only a tester’s craftsmanship will reveal. Bonus is you get paid for it!

Why do we fault-finders just love testing? Let’s check out some reads!

Why Love Software Testing? Hear From The Experts
How some of our testing experts fell in love with Testing!

The Lure Of Testing
Alan Page shares that he is happy with his career choices and fortunate to have made the choice to test.

Why I Love Software Testing
Jason Arbon shares a few secrets (not all!) on why he loves testing.

Why Software Testing Is The Best Profession In The World
Jose Manuel who himself found testing by chance, shares some great objective reasons which make the testing profession really awesome.

Is QA Necessary, Or Should Developers Do Their Own Testing?
Software development teams move away from QA-based testing in favor of developer-based testing. But is that the right choice?

Dr. StrangeCareer: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Software Testing Industry
Keith Klain: “Every couple of years or so, I seriously consider getting out of the software testing business altogether.” Something made him rethink testing and start loving testing again.

How To Fall In Love With Testing (Again)
Finding bugs within short windows of time can be stressful, and sometimes, not duly credited for. So, why did we fall in love with testing in the first place and how can we find that love again?

6 Reasons To Love Bugs In Your Software
Each bug is an opportunity to stop, correct a problem, correct a process, or learn something new. Marcie Jones shares what bugs can teach you about the software and about yourself.

The Bug Inevitability By Kualitee
The relationship between a tester and the bugs they found while exploring applications, give you the same thrills and emotional intrigues, just like reading an ancient haunted tale of lost love.

Why Do You Like Testing? 12 Reasons To See Where You Fit
“You are playing an important role. Knowingly or unknowingly, you are trying to make the world better and that is a big responsibility” - Bhumika Mehta

13 Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Software Testing Career
Why is testing a great career choice?


How I Fell In Love With QA
Nikolina Mihic wanted to become an Android developer. A year later, she's a full time QA engineer, and a happy one. How did it happen?

Love Story Between Software Testers And Developers
On the love-hate relationship between testers and developers.

A Valentine For Testers
Here’s how coworkers, clients, and managers can show testers some love and maybe be loved in return, too!

[Video] Why We Love Testing | Software Testers Share Their Stories
SmartBear asks software testers how they got into testing [for most of them, it was an accidental choice!]

What Are Your Most And Least Favourite Aspects Of Software Testing?
An article by Heather Reid on her most favorite and least favorite aspects of testing.

How I Discovered My Passion For Software Testing At The Age Of 39
Kristin Jackvony shares her experience in finding her passion for testing, and how it is never too late to find yours!

Too Tough To Woo My Tester! Tough Times!
“Not interested in returns on the investments, all I want is RoL – Return on Love.”

Why Do You Stay In Testing?
“I love being Sherlock Holmes”, “Cause spying is my passion”, “I have no other skills!” A funny thread by MOT.

The (Not So) Secret Relationship Between Software Testers And Developers
The relationship between the testers and developers shouldn’t be a secret. But, who wears the pants in the relationship between developers and testers?

Developer-Tester Relationships
“Why have you rejected this bug?”, “This is not a requirement, just a nice-to-have suggestion..” How to resolve 6 common conflict situations with colleagues explained.

Love & Marriage, Quality Assurance & Development
Basic rules you should follow to make life suck less.

The Relationship Between Developers And QA Teams
The next time you deal with your QA officer you’ll know what not to say.

30 Things Every New Software Tester Should Learn
Unleash the inner detective and become a tester with this 30-pointer list by the Ministry Of Testing.

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