It is said that “You can’t control what you cannot measure”. Do you agree?

A KPI helps a team draw a baseline and track progress over time. However, this has varied opinions. There are a great many measures that are valued by some professionals, while some don’t vouch for them so much.

The question is, which metrics should testers choose?
Well, this is a tricky question because there are so many metrics available.
What metrics really matter? 🤔

Let’s do some reading to find out!

What Is Testing, And How Do We Measure It?
What is the question that the testing metrics must answer? Why shouldn’t you use the terms “KPIs'' and “metrics” interchangeably?

An Appropriate Use Of Metrics
Analyzing issues caused by management’s traditional use of metrics and offers an alternative to address these dysfunctions.

Software Engineering Metrics: What Do They Measure And How Do We Know? All metrics should be validated. The paper continues with a framework for evaluating proposed metrics, and applies it to two uses of bug counts - a paper by Cem Kaner and Walter P. Bond.

The Darker Side Of Metrics
You may want to reassess the meanings of your metrics to uncover unintended side effects that may be slowing rather than streamlining the organization and overall product quality.

Horrible Horrible Metrics
Metrics are a bad thing right? They are anti-Agile and an unnecessary waste of time! Not entirely true, says Matthew Parker.

Issues About Metrics About Bugs
Sometimes the measurement is based on a count of bugs that make their way into the released product (escaped bugs); sometimes the measurement includes another factor, like the number of bugs found before release. How could this appealing-sounding metric possibly go wrong?

Assess Quality, Don’t Measure It
Why should you be skeptical about measurement of software product quality?

Essential Metrics For The QA Process
QA metrics you need to track the agile testing process quickly & accurately. How to calculate quality assurance success?

64 Essential Testing Metrics For Measuring Quality Assurance Success
64 of the absolute, derivative, result, and predictive metrics that testers and QA managers use most often.

What Are The KPIs Of Software Testing?
Most common KPIs that are measured in the software testing industry (comes with a cheatsheet!)

Code Coverage Vs Test Coverage : A Detailed Guide
Code Coverage and Test Coverage are important metrics that are important benchmarks by which to measure the effectiveness of the codebase. However these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, should they be?

Understanding, Defining And Implementing Software QA And Testing Metrics
Heard of the Goal-Question-Metrics (GQM) approach?

Testing Metrics: Why Measure, What to Measure, And How to Measure
Keep in mind what metric, why you’re wanting to implement testing KPIs in the first place.

Five Test Automation Metrics To Help You Improve Your CI/CD Process
5 test automation metrics that you can monitor throughout your sprints to help you evaluate and improve your team’s CI/CD processes.

Need A Testing Metric? Put Points On Your Test Cases
Paul Grizzafi and Mas Kono describe a new method of assigning “points” to test cases, to answer questions about, “Can we release yet?”

How to Measure Software Development, From ‘Accelerate: The Science Of Lean Software And DevOps’
How do you measure the performance of your software team? The 2018 book ‘Accelerate’ mentions just four key metrics to measure software delivery performance and output.

💡 A 100% test pass! Is that your main focus? But is that the correct metric always?

Are Test Coverage Metrics Overrated?
The higher the test coverage, the greater the extent to which the code has been tested. This leads to the natural conclusion that higher is better. But how high?

DevOps Quality Metrics Ranked: From Overrated Distractions To Hidden Gems
Are classic metrics like number of automated tests, test case coverage, and pass/fail rate important in the context of DevOps? What other metrics can help us ensure that a steady stream of updates is a true fit for the production?

Using Key Performance Indicators In The Transition From Legacy Systems
Switching from a legacy system to a composite application can be tricky. Defining KPIs can help prioritize objectives and create an efficient new workflow.

Choosing The Right Testing Metrics
Testing always looks to provide more information in order to have less uncertainty and better control over risk, but that information has to be analyzed carefully.

Is Velocity Killing Agile?
Is velocity just another productivity measure that we shouldn’t be using? How is it helpful?

How To Calculate The Effectiveness Of Testing And Testers?
Rob Lambert addresses a perennial question he gets asked, ”How do you measure the effectiveness of a tester?

How Do I Know My Tests Add Value?
Are bug counts a good metric for judging the value of tests?

So, what metrics do you think are useful to measure the features of your testing? Or do you not use any measure at all? 😱

Until next, see ya!

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