Just trying to sound different 😛 coz we are about to share some testing slangs/languages that you may or may not have come across.

Is manual testing the same as exploratory testing? Is testing the same as quality assurance? Is it a bug, a defect or an error? Is there a difference?
Let’s find out!

The Confusion About Testing Terminology
Should you be too hung up on sticking to ambiguous terms? Martin Fowler shares his thoughts.

Testing Vs. Checking – So What?
Calling things differently doesn’t change facts in the real world, so why would anyone bother? Or should we?

The Logic Of Verification Software testing is sometimes described as “verification and validation”. Michael Bolton outlines the logic of verification, ways in which we might be vulnerable to false premises and misleading conclusions.

50+ Software Testing Terms That Are Most Often Abused
Here’s a mind map by T Ashok attempting to group terms cohesively based on a phrase to minimise confusion and sharpen clarity.

Defect, Error, Bug, Failure And Fault!
Are errors and exceptions the same?

#nothingcalledmanualtesting…What’s The Fuss About?
Brijesh Deb does not want to differentiate testing as manual or automation; a tester as manual tester or automation tester. Why?

International Software Testing Qualifications Board Glossary
The ISTQB Standard Glossary of Terms used in software testing provides consistent definitions of software testing and quality-related terms.

Testing Vs Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control - What’s The Difference?
Testing, Quality Assurance, Quality Control are supposed to be different yet related to each other. How do they compare?

Test Types
Jean-Paul shares a series of posts on test types with a list of everything from negative testing to performance testing and more.

Oh, This Stupid Pyramid Thingy…
“People misunderstand the Testing Pyramid. What’s your solution?” - Patrick Prill.

💡 Wait, that’s not all. Heard of DevTestOps? 😅

What is DevTestOps | Role of DevTestOps in Continuous Testing
What is DevTestOps? How is it different from DevOps? And, some myths surrounding DevTestOps.

In-Sprint Test Automation Simplified!
The Definition of Done for a feature should also include testing and automation of the feature. Reason why experts lay emphasis on ‘insprint test automation’.

What Are Canary Launching And Dark Testing?
A review of canary testing and dark launching, two popular approaches for testing new features and performance in complex applications.

What Is Exploratory Testing?
A phrase coined by Cem Kaner to compare the differences between that and automated/scripted testing.

Exploratory Vs Adhoc Testing
Is exploratory testing the same as ad hoc testing? (Hint: No!)

What Is Contract Testing, And Why Should You Try it?
Technology giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon have been using contract testing techniques to test their microservices for over a decade. What is it and should you opt for it?

The Who, What, When, And How of Pair Testing
Pair testing can help you speed up your test assignment and provide more quality to your test results. But who can do pair testing, and when should they do it? And what kind of pair testing is best for your situation?

End To End Testing: A Detailed Guide
While in theory end-to-end testing seems simple, in practice, end-to-end testing is very difficult. What could go wrong along the way?

💡 Have you ever wondered why we call them end to end tests and not start to end testing? 🤔

Deep Walk Through Error Seeding And Error Guessing!
Would you deliberately introduce errors in your test case? Ever considered guessing an error, to specifically uncover them? If you did and did not know what it was called. Here’s what it is!

What Is Fault Injection?
A technique to introduce failures into systems. Learn how this can be used to make modern systems more reliable.

Bebugging: Bringing DevSecOps And Security Teams Together
A similar term for the process of intentionally adding defects to those already in the component or system for the purpose of monitoring the rate of detection and removal, and estimating the number of remaining defects.

Big Bang Testing
QA applies a big-bang approach during integration testing. All system components are integrated simultaneously, and the system is tested as an entity.

How To Run A Successful Bug Bash?
Is the term "bug bash" something that you use in your development/test process? How do you use it? What's good or bad about it?

What Is Crowdsourced Testing?
What is Crowdsourced testing? What are the benefits of Crowdsourced Testing vs In-House QA? Find out how crowdsourced testing packs a punch.

What Is Fuzz Testing?
Fuzz testing can catch errors that other testing tools miss, but the setup can be a bit hairy!

Pesticide Paradox
Does software magically build up an immunity to bugs?

A Guide To Software Resilience Testing
Resilience testing belongs to the category of “non-functional testing” and tests how an application behaves under stress. Companies like Cisco are taking resilience testing very seriously. Find out about it!

Fishbone/Cause Effect Diagram
Discover the root cause, weakness and loopholes present in the process. When would it be appropriate to create one?

Age Testing
A testing technique that evaluates a system’s ability to perform in the future as the system gets older.

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