“If a product backlog item does not meet the Definition Of Done, it cannot be released or even presented at the Sprint Review” - Scrum Guide 2020

Many teams struggle to automate their tests within the same sprint that the feature is developed, thus leading to technical debt.

What would a scenario be like when the entire testing process, from creation and implementation to execution and reporting, all happens in one sprint? 🤔

Lo & Behold..
‘In-Sprint Testing!’

Insprint testing lays emphasis on including testing/automation of the feature in the same sprint as development.

"Sprint after testing" is the standard at many places, in contrast to the Agile principle. A story in a sprint should ideally be considered complete when automating its test (right layer) is complete too.

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Let’s explore in-sprint testing resources!

What Is Your Definition Of Done?
Why does a daily standup or scrum team have a definition of done (DoD)?

3 Ways To Achieve In-Sprint Test Automation
Do you automate tests for your features within the same sprint?
Angie Jones shares 3 ways to help you achieve this.

The Role Of QA In Sprint Planning Should QA play a role in Sprint Planning? Learn more about how the role of QA can - and should - fit into the Sprint Planning process.

How Do You Deal With Testing Issues In A Sprint?
Here’s a description of how one team approaches testing and deals with test issues, as well as an explanation as to why they test within a sprint.

What Does QA Do On The First Day Of A Sprint?
Wondered what a full-time QA person on your Agile team would do on the first day of the sprint?

Leave No Tester Behind
The team is sprinting, but the testers are left behind. In order to keep the team together, you need some techniques to keep everyone together and get work “done”, including test automation.

Overcoming Top Challenges With In-Sprint Test Automation
What challenges can testers encounter while starting off with in-sprint automation? And, some practical tips for successful implementation.

Overcoming Top Challenges With In-Sprint Test Automation
What challenges can testers encounter while starting off with in-sprint automation? And, some practical tips for successful implementation.

Is In-Sprint Test Automation Even Possible?
Here are the 5 easy steps that can assure in-sprint automation in your team.

Test Automation During Sprint
Towards the end of the sprint, there won't be enough time to automate the last stories. How to complete the automation of the stories within the current sprint?

How To Accelerate Testing With In-Sprint Automation
To keep test automation from blocking timely releases, testers can enable in-sprint automation with BDD and TDD at the Unit, API, and UI level, says Prashant Hegde.

How Are You Managing Your Test Debt?
As testers, how do we create a balance and stay at the right test-debt quotient?

Introducing a leaner, intuitive User Experience

Hardening Sprints: The Good, Bad, & Downright Ugly
Hardening sprints must be avoided. But they can be applied to various agile contexts. Learn about the importance they have on your software quality.

Hardening Sprint: Why We Did It, And Why You Shouldn’t
Hardening sprint is bad practice, but it can be a painkiller. Could it be the best answer to a situation where everything already went wrong?

What Features Should Your Automation Tool Have?
As is obvious, in-sprint testing is essential. When looking for a tool for insprint test automation, you need to make sure to get the most of the features in your tool.

Insprint Test Automation - Expert Round Up
A special ‘round up’ blog where we ask testing experts some important questions around ‘in-sprint test automation'.

Achieving The Goal Of In-Sprint Test Automation
Let’s look at some of the main things you need to consider in order to get your test automation done within the confines of your sprint.

Testing Inside The Sprint
When you embrace short iteration cycles where software releases are created, you must also ensure these releases are *tested*. An article by Ron Jeffries.

Should Automation Be One Sprint Behind?
Should automation be one sprint behind? Check out Ali Khalid's share and related discussions around it.

Factors To Consider To Move From N-1 to In-Sprint Automation
What if an Agile Project wishes to achieve 360-degree automation in the same sprint at DevOps speed? A post by Vasu Puvvada.

Same-Sprint Automation: An Interview With Hans
In an interview, Hans Buwalda discusses how to accomplish same-sprint automation and why it’s so challenging to get teams to agree on same-sprint automation.

Enabling In-Sprint Testing Using Progressive Model-Based Testing
A guide by Shamim Ahmed discussing step by step lifecycle methodology & guide using "progressive model-based testing".

Pushing The DevOps Needle With In-Sprint Automation
DevOps is a significant shift in software development and testing, as it relies on automation. Check out a checklist for In-Sprint and DevOps Implementation.

Faster Regression Testing With In-Sprint Automation
This article covers some important aspects of automated website testing, its strengths and weaknesses, building tests, framework selection, and how automation fits into a software development strategy.

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