What’s brewing 'hot'🌶️ in the software testing world?
We look into top forecasts of the year!

QA's mission extends far beyond just testing software for defects, states the World Quality Report (WQR) 20-21.

What is this year’s theme as bubbled up by WQR?

Let's dive into some predictions and discussions.

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Reviewing Capgemini’s “World Quality Report 2020-21”
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Reviewing Capgemini’s “World Quality Report 2020-21”
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State Of Testing Survey - 2021
The 2020 State of Testing Report by PractiTest provides insights into the adoption of test techniques, practices, test automation, and the challenges that testers are facing.

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The Next Wave Of Low-Code/No-Code: Codeless Test Automation
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📅[EVENT] Future Of Testing For Mobile Engineers
A virtual event by Applitools dedicated to promote excellence in quality engineering, about innovations and cutting-edge practices in mobile test automation.

What’s New In Selenium 4?
Have you tried and experimented with Selenium 4.0 Beta yet?

In case you missed, a new Selenium 4 beta just came out.

As we look forward to renewed hope, we hope these forecasts and trends will help you a bit to prepare yourself for a future we just can't predict.

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