June 20-21, 2020

Testathon with Testsigma

A 36-hour hackathon for testers with Testsigma


Join 100+ Automation Engineers/Testers from around the globe to solve a fun challenge! Also, an opportunity to learn Testsigma with free support and win cool giveaways!

Why should you attend?

  • Selected 30 get tickets to QONF, a global testing conference by the Test Tribe(fully virtual)
  • A free & fun challenge where you get to explore Testsigma and its different possibilities
  • You compete with hundreds of testing and automation professionals
  • Get forever-free access to the world's first crowdsourced test automation platform and get crowd testing opportunities delivered to your inbox!
  • Know about Testsigma’s Experts Platform, a community for testers and automation engineers. Join thousands of experts across the world and become an expert.
  • An opportunity to learn Testsigma with free support to resolve any issues and win cool giveaways!
  • Personal feedback and guidance from experts at Testsigma
  • We welcome all!

Contest rules

  • In this test hackathon, contestants will be given 5 scenarios to automate scenarios using Testsigma’s test automation platform. Check out Testsigma.
  • The contest details will be circulated separately in emails before the event.
  • You will have 36 hours to complete the scenarios. It's a fully online event. Detailed event guidelines will be given to you prior to the event.
  • You will be invited to access the Testsigma’s platform to write automated tests after you are successfully registered. Login credentials will be sent to the registered email address.
  • Participants can participate in solo or a group of max 3. Enter other participant’s details in the registration form.
  • The Test Tribe reserves the right to reject registrations with incorrect and invalid details.
  • Participants are requested to arrange a laptop, laptop charger on their own.
  • The submission process will be sent to you along with the login details and event guidelines.
  • Judging criteria would be revealed during the event. The decisions made by the judging panel will be final and no queries related to the same will be entertained.
  • Note: It is recommended that you go through Testsigma’s documentation before the event starts to get familiar with the tool.

Event schedule

9:00 AM IST 20th June to 9:00 PM IST 21st June

Fully Virtual Event

  • Schedule:
  • Details of the contest will be unveiled on June 20, 9 am IST. The contest details will also be sent on the emails of the registered members
  • Participants will have to complete the assignments provided and submit them by Jun 21, 9 pm
  • The winners will be announced via email

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I am not familiar with Testsigma yet. How can I participate?

No worries! Testsigma is simple and easy to learn. Even beginners can write automated tests using simple English. Having prior programming knowledge or automation experience is not mandatory.

You can go to our knowledge base to learn how to automate a sample scenario.

You can always reach out to the friendly folks at Testsigma for any help you may need during your learning. You can reach out at or leave a message on chat and give the email provided for the contest to clear your doubts or organize a demo for better understanding.

2.  What if I face some technical issues while doing the assignment?

Don’t worry, Testsigma’s technical support team will be there to help you out in case you are facing any technical glitches. They can be contacted at or simply leave a message on chat.

3.  Is this an Automation Hackathon?

This is an automation testing hackathon for testers with challenges to be solved on a website using the tool, Testsigma.

4.  Is this a Web Automation Hackathon, or a Mobile Automation Hackathon?

It will be a web automation hackathon only.

5.   What tech stack is allowed to solve the given Automation Challenges?

The automation challenges will be solved only via Testsigma tool.

6.   Do I need to have Devices (Laptop / Smartphone) available?

Yes, a laptop or desktop with a functional Chrome browser would be sufficient.

7.   Any other prerequisites?

Make sure you have a strong primary internet connection and arrange a backup connection as well if possible. Also, you should have a Chrome browser installed on your system. You will also need a Testsigma account whose credentials will be sent to you in an email right after you register. That is if you have registered for the event.

8.   Where would the participants submit their code?

You don't need to submit your work explicitly. Via Testsigma, the tests would be hosted on cloud and all the tests that you write in your account will be shared after the event with the Testsigma and The Test Tribe team.

9.   Can I make any changes after the prescribed time of the event?

No, you will not be able to further login to the tool once the event is complete.

10.  Can we participate in a group?

Participants can participate solo or in a group of max 3. Enter other participant’s details in the registration form.

11.  I have few queries, how do I contact the organizer?

Please email us at support[at]

12.  Is this free to attend?

Yes. The contest is completely free of charge.

13.  Are there any restrictions on participation?

No. Testsigma is very easy to learn. Beginners into testing can also be a part. We encourage people devoid of any testing expertise or knowledge to participate. Anyone interested can be a part of the challenge.

14.   What would be the evaluation process?

The evaluation will be done by both Testsigma and The Test Tribe based on the criteria of judgment shared in the email that will be shared with the participants before the start of the event along with the contest details and guidelines to follow.

About Testsigma

Testsigma is an automated continuous testing platform for Agile and DevOps teams to deliver quality software products faster. It’s a unified platform for Web, Mobile Web, Android Apps, iOS Apps, and web services.

Testsigma allows everyone to build stable and reliable automated tests faster using simple English. No programming knowledge is required to get started. The automated tests can be written easily and quickly with less or no maintenance overheads.

Though it’s a scriptless tool, unlike most conventional record and playback tools, Testsigma can automate complex test cases with great flexibility that aren’t flaky.

It’s a complete ecosystem of test script development, test management, comprehensive and scale test lab, reporting, integrations with bug reporting tools, collaboration tools needed for continuous testing teams.

A cloud-based test automation platform. No setup and ramp-up time is required. Loaded with everything to become productive and start seeing ROI from day one!

Testsigma Logo

Sneak Peek to Testsigma’s Crowd Based
Experts Platform

Testsigma is launching its community platform for both testing and automation experts in the month of July. The community platform allows you to engage with experts from all across the globe to learn and keep up with your professional expertise and earn income.

It's the first and the only dedicated platform for automation experts to discuss and solve interesting automation problems. In this platform:

  • 1.  Connect with thousands of experts to learn and solve your testing problems
  • 2.  Publish solutions and showcase your expertise to the world
  • 3.  Join the world’s first Crowdsourced Test Automation Platform.
  • 4.  Build customized solutions using Testsigma Software Development Kit
  • 5.  Last but not the least, become an affiliate and grow with us!


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