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How MyYogaTeacher is enabling shift-left for
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"We chose Testsigma because it was quite easy to use and understand, with several upfront
features and also being able to automate both web and mobile applications. Testsigma also allowed
the team to start automating right away with very minimum setup time”

Simran Sharma

Senior Test engineer, MyYogaTeacher


1) Manual testing was slow:

MyYogaTeacher was implementing manual testing for their web application. Simran explained why they recognized the need for test automation: "In our manual testing phase, we have almost 6000 to 7000 test cases. it was not sustainable to run those test cases in each release manually."

2) Expensive infrastructure

Simran mentioned that they needed to run Cross-Browser tests which required test infrastructure and resources to manage manually.

3) Selenium requires significant investment in time and money:

Using selenium for Test Automation requires hiring an expert who understands how to implement automation frameworks which would require significant time and monetary investment.

“Testsigma is a great tool for testers to automate test cases without writing scripts which
also makes it easy to understand for anyone without a coding background, and this saves
teams a lot of time”

Simran Sharma

Senior Test engineer, MyYogaTeacher

Solution: How MyYogaTeacher simplified Test Automation
with Testsigma

1) Accelerating Test Automation by involving all team members in writing tests

MyYogaTeacher was able to increase the speed and coverage of testing by involving their team members in writing tests with Testsigma’s low-code platform. "With Testsigma's NLP approach anybody in our team from non-coding backgrounds could easily understand and can write tests. It also helped that If I created a test, any other team member could understand what I've created and modify it and start running those tests." Simran explained.

2) Faster debugging with test screenshots and videos

Simran and her team could quickly debug their results and provide feedback to their developers by referring to step by step screenshots as well as a recorded video of their test executions captured by Testsigma continuously.

3) Efficient Data driven testing:

The QA team stored their required data sets in Testsigma so they could run the same test case, for certain modules like signup or login, using different value-pair combinations. This was an efficient way of testing their code for multiple parameters without running multiple test iterations for each value-pair combination.

4) Eliminating repetitive effort in creating functional tests

Creating repetitive test steps for identical scenarios across different test cases can be time consuming. Simran was able to eliminate this effort by creating reusable step groups for her application's login and signup page that she could use across different test cases.

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