CI/CD at Freshworks: Powering up Continuous Delivery with In-Sprint Test Automation

reshworks builds world class products to solve core business problems in functions like customer experience, customer relationship management, IT services, HRM, and more; for teams of any scale and industry. It revolutionized the software industry with software that’s always easy to set up, use, and scale with.

“The reason for choosing Testsigma for mobile automation is to minimize the time spent on regression and manual testing for both web and mobile releases.”

Anand Mahalingam,

Senior Engineering Manager

Freshworks’ product releases are developed and delivered continuously—through people, process, and practices of Agile, and a CD pipeline that has evolved into a seamlessly functioning entity over time.

“Once our core product module was stable, it was a matter of building new features on top of it and delivering them consistently,” says Anand Mahalingam, senior engineering manager at Freshworks. Anand has overseen the development of Freshworks’ roster of products over 7 years and now heads their Mobile Engineering center.

Taking complexity out of mobile test automation

To achieve continuous delivery for new features in their web offerings, Freshworks had automated their smoke and regression testing for their web releases. Anand wanted to replicate the model in mobile engineering.“But there are not many frameworks or tools that have the ability to test real-time scenarios for mobile apps,” Anand says.

“Native frameworks have certain limitations. Hybrid frameworks (like Appium) have consistency issues, where the same test case would pass or fail randomly. It was also difficult to identify elements while navigating from one app to another with Appium framework,” he explains.

Freshworks trialed and adopted Testsigma for its:

Higher automation coverage leads to better focus on quality engineering

Freshworks ramped up their automated smoke testing to achieve 100% coverage within 3 months of adopting Testsigma. Developer commits trigger their smoke tests to give fast, reliable feedback to the developers.

Preethi Ganesh, Senior Quality Engineer at Freshworks, says, “We were now able to access and test an application outside the app context view. We had support for both local and cloud executions, for Android and iOS devices. We had seamless CI/CD integrations that helped us have a more cohesive continuous delivery pipeline.”

By replacing their former mobile QA toolchain with Testsigma, Freshworks freed its Developers and Test Engineers to focus on release quality and further streamlining the quality engineering processes. “FW engineers now have more time to focus on Test design and ensuring that new features are working reliably”, Anand said.

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