Manage your user’s access levels to your test resources

Create custom roles with different access levels that can be assigned to users across all your projects.

Decide on the level of access to be provided for each user.

Give restricted or full access to any role. You can change the level of access at any point.

Manage Users of your Projects

Create login accounts for each user. Add or Remove users from your Automation testing tool.

Bring together Testers, Managers, SMEs or Product owners to contribute to test automation and to share valuable inputs or feedback on a common platform to increase collaboration and productivity.

Extend your automation testing tool through Integrations

Integrate necessary tools with Testsigma to bring all your testing resources together to achieve continuous testing.

Testsigma has inbuilt integrations with Collaboration tools, Bug Tracking tools, ALM tools and CI tools.

We integrate some of your favourite tools like Slack, JIRA, GitHub, Jenkins, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs.

Custom Fields

Add customized fields relevant to your testing process while creating Projects, Applications, Versions, Requirements and Test Cases.

Testsigma allows you to add different types of custom fields like Checkbox, Date, URL, Number, TextArea, Radio and Text.

Custom fields are optional fields by default.

Manage all your local test devices within the automation testing tool

Add all your local test device details in Testsigma. Bring your test resources under one tool to execute tests on your local devices.