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Course Level 1
Foundation Level
Basic level
06 lessons
New to Testsigma
Get to know the tool
  • What’s Testsigma?
  • Testsigma Open Source- features, add-ons,customization,github link
  • Quick Tour - quick walk through, simple NLP, embed the video (home page)
  • Key building blocks
  • Testsigma Terminologies
  • Testsigma Community
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Basic level
02 lessons
Setting up
Ways to configure & use
  • Testsigma Cloud
  • Deploy on local servers
    • Using Docker
    • Using Downloadable Package
Basic level
03 lessons
Testsigma Agent
Role of the middleman
  • What, why
  • How Agent(s) works
  • Steps to set up
Basic level
04 lessons
Building Testsigma tests
Create your first test
  • Test creation basics
    • Steps
    • Elements
    • Test Cases
    • Test Suites
    • Test Plans
  • Ways to create a test
    • Write using NLP
    • Record user actions
  • Familiarize with best practices for test creation
  • Create a sample test
Basic level
05 lessons
Triggering the test
Live test run and feedback
  • Where and how to execute the test
  • Debug results - suggestion engine
  • Test at scale-across device/browser combinations
  • Scheduling Tests
  • Execute a sample test
Basic level
04 lessons
Understanding run result trend
  • Introduction to Reports
  • Download/View Reports
  • Reports at levels
  • Share Reports
Testsigma Pro Level
Expert level
07 lessons
Extending functionalities
  • Reusing tests
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Uploads
  • Understanding Test Data Types
  • Conditional Steps
  • Looping
  • E2E test scenarios
Expert level
03 lessons
Mobile Testing
Understanding Testsigma’s mobile testing
  • Mobile Recorder
  • Android automation
  • iOS automation
Expert level
02 lessons
API Testing
Configuring API environments
  • Create & Run API tests
  • Create variables and assertions
Expert level
02 lessons
Visual Testing
Spotting differences
  • Know how it works
  • Review visual changes
Expert level
05 lessons
Collaborating workflows
  • Users
  • Roles
  • Projects
  • Reviews
  • A basic collaboration workflow
Expert level
03 lessons
Leverage & use testing resources
  • Setting up CI/CD
  • JIRA
  • Collaboration tools
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