We’re going open source with Testsigma Community Edition

We’re going open source with Testsigma Community Edition

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Testsigma Community Edition, the first ever open source test automation platform that works out of the box for web and mobile apps, and APIs. 

The Community Edition brings a core part of Testsigma’s cloud-based platform directly to the QA community. This includes an integrated automation engine, test development and test runner modules, and some cool new customization features.

Check out the project repo on Github and give it a go.

Bringing standardization to a fragmented testing ecosystem

According to the World Quality report 2021, almost two-thirds of all teams that automate their testing never see a return on their investment. 

We believe the problem lies in lack of standardization across the testing toolchain. Instead of making testing easier and faster, test automation today becomes a parallel development project. We think the status quo doesn’t need to be. We can help teams realize the value of test automation by:

  • unifying a broken test stack with a single platform,
  • simplifying the end-to-end testing cycle, and
  • enabling teams to test collaboratively.

The Testsigma CE Platform

Testsigma CE helps teams shift focus towards scaling automation rather than maintaining it.  The platform works-out-of-the-box & unifies every segment of the automation and QA test stack.  You don’t have to ‘set it up’ one framework, library, and tool at a time. You can simply install it and directly start automating tests for web apps, mobile apps and APIs. 

Here’s a quick walkthrough of Testsigma CE’s core capabilities:

Write, run & debug at speed

Write test steps in simple English or generate editable, airtight test scripts with the Test Recorder. These test steps contain automated user actions for your scenario and the elements that your test will interact with.

Testsigma - Write, run & debug at speed

You can run locally or parallel cross browser tests on our cloud-hosted test lab with over 800+ browsers and 2000+ mobile devices.

Testsigma - Write, run & debug at speed

Finally, you can check detailed results and reports that are generated right after your execution is completed. You can also view auto-captured screenshots and recorded videos of your executions.

Testsigma - Write, run & debug at speed

Enable better extensibility

Testsigma - Enable better extensibility

The biggest change we’ve made is the addition of add-ons. Extensibility and scalability have always been the most significant challenge while building stable test automation frameworks. With add-ons, we’re giving users a way to extend Testsigma to accommodate the variety in app based test scenarios instantly. Add-ons are grouped by ‘Automation actions’ and ‘Data Generators’. 

  • Automation actions include methods and utilities like string functions, QR code readers, etc. 
  • Data generators range provide instant data for all your tests for different formats and data types.

You can check out our complete list of add-ons here.

Manage less, test more

Testsigma comes equipped with pre-built modules that help you create, modify and manage your projects, test cases, test data, and page elements. These components are built and powered by an intuitive GUI that makes navigating and performing tasks seamless.

How is Testsigma CE different from other test automation tools/frameworks?

Testsigma is neither a tool or a framework. Think of it as a testing toolchain compiled into a single platform that lets teams implement and scale their test automation. 

  • A techstack agnostic platform that works for any application or codebase
  • Combines the robustness of closed tools with the flexibility of open source frameworks
  • Sustainable scalability without complex development

How do I get started?

Check out the project repo on Github for a self-hosted instance. It requires no extensive setup or configuration. Just deploy our platform on your workstation and you’re ready to go. 

You can also sign up for a free trial of the cloud-hosted version. Everything you need for your test automation journey can be found in our Documentation portal.

A shout out to our early adopters

Behind the scenes in the build up to our launch we reached out to a bunch of people from the automation community to try out the tool and give us valuable feedback. 

With their help, we’ve smoothened out some of the rough edges and built a platform that we believe addresses several challenges and inconsistencies in testing today. So we’d like to give a huge shoutout to all of our beta testers who helped us get to this point!

Join the Testsigma Community

Once you’ve tried it, we’d love to know your thoughts on Testsigma CE! You can share your feedback with us on our Discord server, where you can connect with some of the most inventive test automation enthusiasts from across the world. Join the server.

Test automation made easy

Start your smart continuous testing journey today with Testsigma.



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