Top 5 Must-Have Features of Regression Testing Automation Tools

May 25, 2022Mohammad Adil
Top 5 Must Have Features of Regression Testing Automation Tools

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As the world moves forward, it wants to progress, more efficiency, more speed, and the same is the case with the software development industry. Every software development organization wants to save time, effort, and money at every step possible. Software Testing being a major part of software development also needs more efficiency. Thus, comes automation. 

As regression testing is one of the most time-taking and repetitive activities where software testing is concerned – automating regression testing ensures a better-quality software at a lower cost and timely release.

There are plenty of regression testing automation tools available in the market today. But more choice also means more confusion. Thus, it can become difficult for an organization to choose an ideal automated testing tool for performing regression testing.

Here, we aim to help you figure out just that. The top 5 top features a regression testing automation tool must have today:

1. Scriptless

Script-based automation where the tester needs to write long test scripts is slowly becoming the history now, as companies are moving towards scriptless regression automation testing tools. Scriptless automation tools save a lot of time that is usually spent on writing code for your regression testing.

There are multiple ways of scriptless test automation and the one which I found the easiest is automating tests in simple English, where it seems as if you were just noting down the tests. I personally have used it and would like to recommend it for its ease of use. Scriptless regression testing tools will not only help you reduce the testing stress, but also improve the work efficiency significantly.

2. Ability to Identify Potential Failures Upfront

A regression testing automation tool should be capable of identifying the affected tests in your automated regression test suite. It helps you create regression test suites with the test cases that have a direct impact on the change in the software.

3. Self Healing Test Automation

Self-healing is an important feature that helps ensure that regression testing is being carried out without any friction. In Self-healing test automation, the AI detects abnormalities in the existing code and automatically fixes the changes made in the code to prevent test failures.  If you have an agile development team, self-healing is a handy feature for you. This feature alone will help you save a significant amount of time and money.

4. Multiple Test Execution in Parallel

Parallel test executions help in making your testing faster and achieving a quicker turnaround in deployments. Multiple test executions in parallel help in reducing the feedback time significantly. It also helps the testers and developers to dedicate their time and resources on serious problems with cross-platform compatibility.

5. Simplified Regression Report Generation

A regression testing automation tool must have a reporting functionality to help measure the success or failure of a particular test case and to track the complete details of the test cases including the number of test cases executed, status of each test case, test suite’s visual logs, defect priorities, and screenshot capturing.

An ideal tool not just provides a pass/fail reports, but it provides detailed reports complemented by screenshots, videos, error logs and actionable feedback to help the testers make effective and quick decisions for a quick resolution.

Selecting an appropriate automated testing tool for regression testing is crucial as the functionality and performance of the software are the basic elements for its success.

There are only a few automation tools which comprise all the listed features above and Testsigma is one of them. It is a scriptless test automation tool for web, mobile, and web services regression testing to help you get started with the automated regression testing instantly.

It uses AI to identify all the potential failures which help you avoid the manual checking of affected test cases which is both error-prone and time-consuming.

Testsigma’s Artificial Intelligence is smart enough to locate the elements precisely even with the changes made in the attribute and automatically modify the change made in the source code to prevent the failure of the tests. This helps in reducing your maintenance efforts by 70 percent.

Testsigma allows you to run thousands of regression tests in parallel on a vast range of cloud and local devices which reduces the feedback time to just a few minutes.

Testsigma provides you with the comprehensive test reports with a drill-down approach to help you analyse the test results efficiently in quick time. You also get actionable feedback on the failed tests to help take quick action.

All in all, Testsigma, an ideal for automated regression testing, has all the essential elements required for automation and execution of your regression test cases. You can get started with the automated regression testing instantly with no coding language requirement.

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Start automating your tests 5X Faster in Simple English with Testsigma

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