Testsigma joins the Sauce Labs Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program

June 5, 2023KR
Testsigma joins the Sauce Labs Partner program

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We are happy to announce that Testsigma is teaming up with Sauce Labs as part of the Technology Alliance Partner(TAP) program. Now you will be able to use the Sauce Labs platform directly from Testsigma!

Sauce Labs, an award-winning Continuous Testing Cloud ensures your favourite mobile apps and websites work flawlessly on every browser, operating system, and device and deliver a flawless digital experience.

Testsigma is an AI-driven Continuous Testing platform with a Shift-Left approach for web and mobile dependent businesses that matches today’s Agile and DevOps methodologies.

With the TAP program, Sauce Labs and Testsigma can together make it easier for enterprises to leverage automation testing strategies such as continuous testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery to shorten software lifecycles, improve quality and service levels and reduce operational costs.

 As cloud-native companies, our partnership offers a unique opportunity to turn automation testing, services into actionable insights and better business outcomes.

The Sauce Labs Technology Alliance Partnership (TAP) program will provide greater value to customers as we jointly develop integrations to enhance our Continuous Testing capabilities and makes it easier to integrate and use Testsigma more effectively and increase the test coverage while reducing the feedback time in faster delivery cycles.

With the integrated solution, enterprises can now test their applications autonomously on the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing cloud, accelerating their time to value, shortening release cycles, improving quality coverage, and lowering the total cost of quality.

They can improve their continuous integration and delivery initiatives, increase developer productivity, and reduce infrastructure costs for software teams of all sizes.

“The joint offering allows users to fully and continuously test applications at the speed business demands, without spending millions of dollars on packaged solutions and reskilling their testing org.”

Enterprises often require automation testing services, needing responsive, flexible and often custom solutions. With this new partnership, stakeholders will have more options to address their specific situation, leveraging Sauce Labs’ progressive technology and Testsigma’s extensive automation testing expertise.

With several members worldwide, the Sauce Labs Technology Alliance Partner program includes technology partners with the shared goal to bring the best expertise and business solutions for each unique customer environment.

Learn more about the Technology Alliance Partner program, at https://saucelabs.com/company/partners/technology-alliance-program

Testsigma is excited to be one among the selected partners to work with the customers to enjoy the full benefits of automated testing!

About Testsigma:
An AI-driven Continuous Testing platform on cloud, Testsigma lets web and mobile dependent businesses to test releases continuously with a Shift-Left approach that matches today’s Agile and DevOps speed.

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Start automating your tests 5X Faster in Simple English with Testsigma

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