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When to use Testsigma as a cross-browser testing solution for your organization?

When to use Testsigma as a cross-browser testing solution for your organization?

According to browser usage statistics here, there are 4.3 billion internet users today. 

Review42.com also says that in 2008 there were 112 different types of browsers people were using to access the internet. 

Thus, it’s evident that people can be accessing the same website from multiple browsers at the same time – which makes cross-browser testing very important. 

Another part of cross-browser testing, cross-device testing is equally important – not only because people use mobile browsers but also heavily use mobile apps. Some stats to prove that (according to Statista here and here):

1. 54.18% of the global internet traffic is driven by mobile. 

2. 218 bn mobile apps were downloaded worldwide in 2020, which grew from 140.7 bn in 2016.

3. Worldwide mobile app revenue in 2019 stood at 462 bn USD.

There can be two approaches to cross-browser testing:

i. Manual execution of your cross-browser/cross-device tests

ii. Automated execution of your cross-browser/cross-device tests

To know more about these approaches read here.

For both scenarios above, you would need a test lab that could let you execute your test cases on multiple browsers & mobile devices – the latest as well as legacy versions.

The test lab can be constructed from scratch by you on your premises or you could choose a cloud lab. To know more about this, read the article here.

In this article, we will discuss Testsigma, an automated cross-browser testing solution. And in what scenarios will it be a perfect solution for you. 

Let’s dive in:

1. You are looking for an end-to-end test automation solution

If you are looking for a solution that would let you automate your test cases, execute them for cross-browser testing, report them while giving you multiple other features that would improve your complete test automation process, then Testsigma is a solution for you.

To read more about its features, refer to more points below.

2. You are looking for a tool that can get you started very quickly.

If you are looking for a test automation tool that lets you get your cross-browser testing automated quickly, then Testsigma is a solution for you. Testsigma makes test creation very easy and quick because it lets you develop them in simple English.

3. You are looking for a tool that is very easy to learn.

Learning how to correctly use a tool for test automation can take up a lot of your crucial time. This can delay the actual automated testing execution. Testsigma is very easy to set up, configure and learn – you can start executing your tests within minutes of signing up.

This also helps fasten your test automation and execution process. And, can help improve your test automation ROI sooner rather than later.

4. You also want other team members to contribute to testing and automation.

Quality has to be everyone’s responsibility. And, when a tool lets other team members contribute to test automation as well, it takes your quality a notch higher.

Testsigma lets you automate your tests in simple English which can be easily understood by non-technical members of the team as well. Thus, other non-technical members of the team can easily review the test cases and provide their inputs for test automation.

5. You don’t have a big team and cannot spend a lot of time on test creation for automation

This point correlates to point 4. With Testsigma, your test automation efforts are greatly reduced. Thus, it is possible for even a small team to automate a big test automation suite and get it running real quick.

6. You have test cases for web, mobile as well as APIs. And, you want to automate from the same place.

Setting up and maintaining different tools for automating different types of test cases can be a real hassle and can take up a lot of your time.

Testsigma provides you the real advantage here because you can automate all your test cases for web, mobile as well as APIs from the same place, in a similar manner.

7. You already have a CI/CD pipeline in place and want a tool that readily integrates into your workflow.

Testsigma readily and seamlessly integrates with most CI/CD tools, it’s as easy as plug and play.

8. Along with a codeless approach, you also want a tool that lets you customize and get started with complex test creation in the future.

It’s a fact that every application is different. It is impossible to build one tool that can cater to all the test automation needs of an application.

If you are a team that has some complex test cases and is worried if a tool would support it then here is a piece of good news – with Testsigma, you get the option to customize your test cases, the way you want to. Read more about it here.

9. You don’t want to pay for extra infrastructure.

Testsigma is completely cloud-based and you only pay for what you use. The infrastructure you use can be scaled up and down according to your needs. And, you won’t have to invest in buying space or machines for your test automation needs.

10. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on communities and forums looking for solutions when you get stuck.

When you go about automating your tests, there would be a time when you would be stuck, sooner or later. The problem could be anything – related to the environment, assumptions, test automation approach, or some bug in the tool.

You need a tool that gives you access to good 24×7 support, such that you don’t find yourself waiting indefinitely for a solution on a community or a forum. Testsigma is one such tool that is backed by a specialized and dedicated support team.

11. You need a tool that only makes your test case creation easy but lets you maintain them easily and effortlessly.

When you start with test automation, there are two activities that will take most of the time – test creation and test maintenance. Testsigma has carefully built-in features that help you create as well as maintain the test cases easily.

We have talked about some of the test creation features above. The features that help you maintain the test cases are – 

i. self-heal – your test cases heal automatically when there are some minor changes in application layout

ii. Affected resources – whenever some structures are changes, Testsigma figures out the resources that are impacted and presents them to you. This is done before your test cases start failing. And saves a lot of crucial time for you.

If you agree to one or more points above, then you should start trying out Testsigma.

Testsigma is giving a 30 day free trial

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