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Cross Browser Testing needs for today’s Web Apps

With more and more devices, operating system updates, browsers and browser versions coming out every day – the number of combinations that need to be tested to ensure an application works seamlessly for all users has also been increasing . And thus, doing cross browser testing for a web app has become one of the essential requirements for ensuring quality.

That’s why Cross-browser testing is important.

Though the modern web browsers are coming close to the common W3C standards with every release, there are still many areas where each of the browsers is different in its own way. One of the reason might be to gain an edge over the competition.

Whatever the reasons are, the current state of the Web is quite inconsistent due to the difference in the implementations.

The Application developers or stakeholders want to provide a typical experience for the end users irrelevant of the devices they might be using. This is mandatory for a good UX and we all know that a bad UX leads to loss of revenue.

Therefore, Cross Browser Testing is a crucial step in every Test Cycle to ensure the same standardized experience at least over a set of most frequently used end-user devices.

Disadvantages of Manual Cross Browser Testing

Manually testing across all these Test Environments takes huge amount of time and resources.

Another reason for advocating Automated Cross Browser Testing would be to include Continuous Delivery practices. It is almost impossible to implement Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery with manual Testing alone.

Essential elements for automated Cross Browser testing

Conventional automated Cross Browser Testing solutions demand the following requirements:

Programming Expertise – A basic know-how of Selenium or similar Test Automation Frameworks is not enough for creating Cross Browser Testing scripts. Tweaking them to run on multiple configurations requires expertise in your craft.

Therefore, you need Automation Experts who are somewhat familiar with the inside working of different Browsers and some familiarity with Web Development for creating Stable Scripts.

Scalable Test Environments – Different Projects might call for diverse Test Environment sizes. Scalable Cloud based Test Environments would be highly beneficial due to its easily scalable nature.

That is why On-demand cloud-based test environments exist.

Some of the On-demand Cloud-based test environment only(No Test Creation support) offerings are Sauce Labs and BrowserStack.

What makes Testsigma different from these offerings are that Testsigma is not just an on-demand cloud-based Test Environment solution. It is a one stop solution with unified Test Automation Ecosystem – Test creation in simple English + On-demand cloud based Test Environment.

Checkout how Testsigma helps you address all these challenges effortlessly.
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Testsigma – One-stop solution for your cross-browser testing

Ensure your web applications work flawlessly on every browser, operating system, and device. Perform Cross Browser Testing on our massive range of desktop browsers and real mobile devices available in the cloud at your disposal.

  1. Eliminates the need for Automation Expertise because of the scriptless Test Creation approach
  2. Super fast test development using Simple English
  3. On-demand, Scalable and Flexible test environments including latest browsers and versions on cloud
  4. Create dozens of different test environments and execute them in parallel to reduce the feedback time.
  5. 1000+ Combos on the cloud to ensure your Application works flawlessly on all your end-user devices
  6. CI/ CD Integrations for Agile and Continuous Delivery teams to integrate as part of your delivery pipeline.
  7. Supports Team Collaboration to share all the common resources to reduce the test development and test execution time.
  8. Integrations with Bug Reporting tools to automatically report a bug with all the essential debugging information for the dev team to take an action.
  9. Powerful reports at the environment level with drill-down approach.
  10. And many more features for all your end to end testing requirements.
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