Top 15 QA conferences in 2023 you must attend

July 13, 2023Kiruthika Devaraj
Top 15 QA conferences in 2023 you must attend

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As the Quality Assurance landscape changes and technology evolves, staying on top of the latest trends is important for any QA professional. Attending conferences is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. Also, during these conferences, you get to meet other community members. Thus, your professional network grows too. From international events to more specialized gatherings, here is a list of the top 15 QA conferences you should add to your calendar in 2023.

1. RTC

In 2023, we want to hear stories of improved communication and bridging gaps. Of technology used to harness the power of agility. Of process improvements, impediment removal, and common goals. About changing attitudes, ways of working, and minds. We want to hear stories of failure or win, standing up against or championing change. What you changed. What you learned from it.


  • Agenda: The conference will span over 3 days, with the first two days of one- and two-day workshops and training. We will have a classic multi-track setup on the third day with various keynotes and talks. We will also be trying out a few exciting concepts that we will share more information about along the way.
  • Date: 6-8 June 2023
  • Location: Cluj-Napoca,Romania
  • Website: https://romaniatesting.ro/

2. StarEast

StarEast is a well-known six-day online and in-person software testing event in Orlando, FL, from APR 30 – MAY 5. You will get the same opportunity whether you attend this event online or in person. You can observe the interactive talk from the experts and community leaders. StarEast invites software quality assurance and testing professionals worldwide to provide engaging and interactive talks, tutorials, panel discussions, and workshops on trending technologies and tools for quality assurance and software testing. By attending these concurrent sessions, training classes, and tutorials, you will learn about the various software testing techniques like tactics for testing in DevOps, infrastructure code, automating visual tests with Cypress, API testing, starting your AI-driven automation, etc.


  • Agenda: Learn about the latest solutions, technologies, and tools in testing and create some good connections.
  • Date: APR 30 – MAY 5, 2023
  • Venue: Online and in Orlando, FL
  • Website: https://stareast.techwell.com/

3. Seastarconf

The Seastar quality conference is a five-day in-person event from MAY 7 – MAY 11 in the Dominican Republic. Here, quality assurance people come from around the globe to spend a refreshing and fun time at the beachfront resort.

  • They meet and connect with like-minded people in the community and learn about quality assurance from international experts.
  • This five-day program will have eight pre-conference tutorials and a 2-day conference.
  • 25+ speakers, two days of certification training, six quality awards, and much more.
  • Furthermore, those who enjoy recreational activities can partake on the event’s final day.

These days, you will learn about leveraging AI and machine learning. This learning is for

  • quality assurance
  • performing test automation for continuous integration
  • building a high-quality team
  • tips and techniques to deliver high-value projects efficiently, and
  • various other concepts related to software testing.

Seastar conference

  • Agenda: Learn from the experts in the field about the hottest topics in software testing. You can connect with like-minded professionals and learn tips and techniques to deliver high-value products without hassle.
  • Date: MAY 7 – MAY 11, 2023
  • Venue: Iberostar costa dorada resort, Dominican republic
  • Website: https://quality.seastarconf.com/

4. QA or the HIGHWAY

QA or the Highway is a one-day in-person software quality assurance event where people come from around the globe to share and exchange their knowledge and get to know each other in the community. This year it’s scheduled on 05-30-2023 in COLUMBUS, OH. Throughout this event, you will get the opportunity to

  • attend 32 different talks given by world-renowned speakers and thought leaders.
  • These talks will help you to gain more knowledge and level up your software testing skills.

QA conference

  • Agenda: Get to know about the problem faced during the quality assurance of software and their solution by QA experts.
  • Date: May 30, 2023
  • Website: https://www.qaorthehwy.com/

5. Expoqa

Expoqa is the international meeting point for Software Testing and Quality Engineering professionals in Spain and Europe. We’ll see a day of hands-on workshops on the 30th of May and two sessions with five tracks of professional talks and master classes on the 31st of May and the 1st of June.


6. EuroSTAR 2023

Eurostar is a four-day in-person event from June 13 – June 16 in Antwerp Zoo, Belgium. It’s reputed and one of the earliest among all the QA conferences. Here organizers bring the European testing community together. At the Eurostar conference, more than a thousand quality assurance people come worldwide to exchange their knowledge. This conference conducts

  • workshops,
  • talks, and panels by world-leading software testers.
  • They discuss everything from critical thinking to taking notes as a tester to make you an excellent software tester.

Apart from the learning, this event organizes a dedicated event to meet with fellow community members and make invaluable connections. Here you will learn about

  • building test strategies in devOps
  • Latest trends in testing,
  • building a test community from zero,
  • automatic accessibility testing,
  • introducing new test automation frameworks and tools.

Eurostar 2023

  • Agenda: Learn everything from the world’s leading software testing experts to become an exceptional software tester and build valuable connections.
  • Date: Jun 13 – Jun 16, 2023
  • Venue: Antwerp Zoo, Belgium
  • Website: https://conference.eurostarsoftwaretesting.com/

7. AgileTD Open Air

AgileTD Open Air is a three-day in-person outdoor event from JUN 13 – JUN 15 in Blackfoot Beach – Cologne, Germany. Professional individuals and teams attend this event for better performance and success of their Agile testing team and organization. This event conducts

  • expert talks,
  • workshops, and
  • social activities

This provides up-to-date industry insight and training on the latest technology to make you a valuable software test engineer. Attendees will acquire the knowledge of effective testing in an agile environment, the data-driven decisions in testing, improving unit tests, and how to leverage both the protocol level and browser level tool when it comes to testing and much more.


  • Agenda: Get up-to-date insight on software testing, quality assurance, test automation, and more.
  • Date: JUN 13 – JUN 15
  • Venue: Blackfoot Beach – Cologne, Germany
  • Website: https://openair.agiletestingdays.com/


Testing United is a testing conference aimed at all levels of testers, test leads, test managers, test consultants, and IT employees that come in daily contact with testing teams. The conference unites experts from the extended central Europe region and thus expands on this idea by periodically rotating the venue between Vienna, Prague, and Bratislava since 2018.

With this year’s main topic, “2023: Tester’s Place in Universe, Metaverse & Beyond “, experienced speakers will outline the changes the testing community faces.

  • Agenda: Testing United is a testing conference aimed at all levels of testers, test leads, test managers, test consultants, and IT employees that come in daily contact with testing teams.
  • Date: Sep 4 – Sep 5
  • Venue: Bratislava I VR I Miami
  • Website: https://www.testingunited.com/

9. Testbash UK

Testbash UK is an extensive two-day in-person QA conference from September 20 to 21st, 2023, at the Rum Warehouse Liverpool in Liverpool. These two days comprise

  • talks
  • workshops
  • networking
  • challenges
  • ask-me-anything sessions
  • games

Apart from these, there are plenty of other opportunities to learn and socialize with fellow community members. These talks, activities, and workshops focus on leveling up your software testing skill, making invaluable connections, and helping you to become a much more valuable tester in the market. This conference will teach you about building a test automation framework from scratch. The role of security in day-to-day testing, UI component testing for modern-day software, using data to drive the testing decision, and many other essential topics.

Testbash UK

  • Agenda: Know about modern software testing problems and their solutions to improve your testing skills and meet with fellow community members.
  • Date: September 20 – September 21, 2023
  • Venue: Rum Warehouse Liverpool, Liverpool
  • Website: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/events/testbash-uk-2023

10. Starwest

Starwest is a six-day online and in-person event, and this year, it’s scheduled from OCT 1 – OCT 6 in Starwest Anaheim, Ca. It is one of the longest-running software testing and quality assurance conference giving enough time and opportunities to learn about software testing and network with worldwide community members. In these six days, you will get

  • 100+ learning and networking opportunities
  • It covers the latest technology and quality assurance industry trends.
  • You will learn about the trending tools and technology in software testing.

During these days, you will learn about the role of AI and machine learning in software testing, continuous testing, agile testing, security testing, performance testing & monitoring, leadership, and many other essential topics.


  • Agenda: Learn about the technology trends in the industry from experts and make some good connections.
  • Date: OCT 1 – OCT 6, 2023
  • Venue: Online and Starwest Anaheim, CA
  • Website: https://starwest.techwell.com/

11. TestCon Europe 2023

TestCon is one of the biggest online and in-person QA conferences in Europe, and this year, it is scheduled from October 24 – October 27 in Vilnius. Software testers come from around the world here to learn and share their knowledge on software testing trends and best practices. During this event, you can attend

  • expert talks
  • panel discussions
  • hands-on sessions to learn critical software testing and quality assurance concepts.

Topics covered include

  1. full-stack test automation
  2. testing a data science model
  3. low code visual testing
  4. autonomous testing, and
  5. the future of continuous delivery

These topics are the central theme of this conference, providing attendees latest insights into software testing technologies and practices.

Testcon Europe

  • Agenda: Learn and share the software testing trends and best practices; meet fellow QA community members.
  • Date: OCT 24 – October 27
  • Venue: Online and Vilnius
  • Website: https://testcon.lt/

12. Agile Testing Days

Agile testing days is a four-day in-person and virtual event from November 13 – November 16 in Potsdam, Germany. It is one of the biggest QA conferences in Europe, where more than 600 agile software testers and engineers come together to learn and share new insights on agile software testing, quality assurance, etc.

Anyone attending this event will benefit from

  • hands-on sessions, and
  • face-to-face coaching.

This event is open to everyone in the software industry, and there is something for everyone. Hop in to become a better tester!

Agile testing days

  • Agenda: Provide an opportunity for everyone in the software testing industry to gain knowledge of agile software testing and become a better tester.
  • Date: Nov 13 – Nov 16, 2023
  • Venue: Potsdam, Germany
  • Website: https://agiletestingdays.com/

13. QA&Test

The QA&Test conference is a three-day event in October in Bilbao, Spain. This is the 22nd International Conference on Embedded Software Testing.

QA & Test

  • Agenda: Attendees can expect to learn about the latest trends and best practices in the embedded software testing field and network with other professionals in the industry.
  • Date: 18,19,20 Oct 2023
  • Venue: Bilbao, Spain
  • Website: https://www.qatest.org/?lang=en

14. Nordic Testing Days

Nordic Testing Days have been added to the lineup of TOP QA events for 2023 on Qawerk’s blog.

Nordic Testing Days

  • Agenda: A chance to peek at the latest innovations, technology tricks, and emerging trends.
  • Date: JUNE 7th – 9th, 2023
  • Venue: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Website: https://nordictestingdays.eu/

15. Test Automation Days

The demands placed on test automation engineers are becoming increasingly apparent. The question is, how can Test Automation (TA) play a role in delivering dependable and top-notch software as swiftly as possible?

Test Automation days


Attending QA conferences allows you to sharpen your abilities and learn about practical use cases. Furthermore, you can network with other professionals. Attending different QA conferences will provide insights from around the globe and help you open your mind to better innovations.

Here, we listed 15 QA conferences you may want to attend in 2023. Which ones are you planning to attend?


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