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Launching Testsigma Free Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses around the globe and across business sectors. Weathering the economic fallout will be hard for many, including startups that may have to drastically alter their day-to-day operations.

If you’re in a similar situation, we want to help you hold on to the tools of your trade so that you can continue supporting your clients in turn.

To help all these companies who are in need of free tools to keep up the productivity during this outbreak, we have decided to launch a free version of Testsigma.

While most businesses have some form of a business continuity plan in place to handle isolated incidents, we are aiming to help a few startups and especially those in the health and essential services domains going through a tough time.

We would notify you of this as soon as it is live! This is not restricted to a month or less but free forever!

We are keeping our spirits high and working hard to bring out some of the awaited tool upgrades that will help out our users perform their crucial tasks better.

Together, we will make it through the situation.

Free version was never an option that we had planned. But when the entire world is going through tough times we were thinking about how we help the companies in need to see through the crisis.

Fortunately, we just closed our funding round and we are in a position to offer some help and give our platform free of cost for those in the essential services’ domain and ones who are affected in this situation. We will continue allowing free accounts as long as possible, at least until the current situation gets better.

Here is how Testsigma’s platform and our expert team can help you:

  • Free platform to get started with test automation: If you have not started with your test automation yet, you can get started with your test automation now at absolutely free. You can read why and how test automation could help you get better with your application delivery process during this outbreak.
  • Free consulting to help you set up your test automation: We know that during this outbreak you might have to downsize or shuffle or realign your workforce as per the current needs and situation. In this process, if your team is not yet easy to gets started, our experts can help you set up your test automation process.
  • DevOps experts at free of cost for suggestions: During this phase, every company has to look at the efficiency of the processes, and improve on those to achieve better results at a low cost. DevOps is one such process where you can reduce dependency or improve the efficiency of your workforce.
  • Platform with a unified approach for test automation: Testsigma’s Free version is powered with a unified simple English based approach to let everyone start automation testing without programming expertise.
  • Test Lab on cloud and virtual cloud: At any given time your customer satisfaction is the most important thing. That will come by delivering quality software all the time. With Saas and Mobile first approach you need a great test lab with all popular test devices, and it involves a lot of costs. With Testsigma’s free version you will get access to 2000+ unique test devices on the cloud to run your critical tests to make sure your application quality always.
  • Set up your regression plans for faster releases: While you continue to focus on customer issues and deliverables, you need to make sure that your current features work as expected with the limited resources you may have now. You can use Testsigma Free version to set up your regression plans quickly and run them on Testsigma cloud devices. It helps you save time resources with your regression testing.
  • Increase participation for your test automation: Testsigma’s simple English based test script development approach lets everyone in your team to start contributing to test automation. With this, you can increase participation from all the resources who have enough free time during this outbreak.
  • Free training and workshops on test automation: If your team is new to test automation our experts can organize a few hours of free training and workshops to make your team comfortable with the Testsigma’s Free platform.
  • We are your extended team when needed, no cost for you: Not just in the beginning, if your need help any time in your continuous testing journey, we are happy to share our knowledge and learnings with you. It will give us an opportunity to learn a lot working with multiple teams. We do this because we need this knowledge to build our platforms.

This is something that we could offer to everyone who is in need, hope this helps at least a few in these difficult times.

Let’s get ready for a super-fast ride when things get back to normal!

These tough times are not going to last forever. Everything will get back to normal soon and it is anticipated that the growth in the economy and for all the companies will be much faster than before.

So we all need to be ready for that fast ride soon. In this process working with many customers, we will learn how to work within different teams, which is going to help us get ready for that super-fast ride.

In this process, we will continuously share our learnings with everyone so that you will also get better in the application delivery process.

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and stay motivated!

Our platform is completely functional & supported. Feel free to reach out for any assistance!

Happy to announce that Testsigma’s freemium version just took off!

Test automation made easy

Start your smart continuous testing journey today with Testsigma.



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