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Enables everyone including SMEs & QAs to write automated
tests using simple English. No coding skills required.
No of Tests Executed

Say goodbye to multiple tools, frameworks,
and complicated setups!

A unified test automation platform built for Agile and DevOps teams

. Testsigma lets everyone on your team

automate web, mobile web, android, iOS apps, and API testing easily

. No coding skills required.

  • Continuous Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Data Driven Testing
Continuous Testing

In-sprint test automation @ Agile and DevOps speed for continuous testing

AI-driven continuous testing platform for continuous delivery. In-built CI/CD and DevOps support. Unified continuous testing tool to automate end-to-end testing for web, mobile apps & APIs.

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Web Application Testing

Intuitive, feature-rich, affordable automation testing tool for Web UI testing

Testsigma uses AI to create stable and reliable automated tests faster than ever and to speed-up the executions and maintenance of your automated tests.

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Mobile App Testing

Intuitive, feature-rich, affordable automated testing tool for Android & iOS Apps testing

Easily build stable and reliable automated tests for mobile apps. Run tests on 2000+ real iOS and Android devices available on cloud. Make sure your App works on every mobile device.

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Regression Testing

Automated regression testing tool for agile and continuous delivery practices

Intuitive and feature-rich enterprise-class AI-driven automated regression testing tool for web, mobile and web services regression testing.

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Cross Browser Testing

Comprehensive, effortless and intelligent cross browser testing tool

Instantly build and run tests for your website and web applications across 1200+ desktop browsers, real iOS and Android devices available in the cloud. Say goodbye to your internal test lab, local VMs, and maintenance hassle.

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Data Driven Testing

Best automation testing tool for data-driven testing

Simple, intuitive enterprise-class automation testing tool for data-driven testing to increase test coverage.

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Why Testsigma for Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery?

Enables everyone including SMEs & QAs to write automated tests using simple
English. No coding skills required.

Get started with Test Automation Ecosystem

Testsigma Test Automation Ecosystem

Near zero initial time, cost and resources required. No tool setup or ramp-up delay!

Testsigma is a cloud-based Test Automation Ecosystem with all the essential elements required for test automation. Sign up for free and get started with test automation on the cloud within minutes.

Testsigma Test Automation Ecosystem
Testsigma Super Fast Test Development

Super fast Test Development using simple English

Testsigma Super Fast Test Development

No coding skills required. Testsigma lets everyone including SMEs and QAs write automated tests at least 5X faster using simple English and intuitive interface.

Reuse existing step groups. Write Selenium and JS based custom functions to extend Testsigma to your custom requirements. Test Recorder is also available to record your tests. Recorder is also available to record your tests.

Fully loaded Test Lab on the cloud to run tests

Testsigma Test Lab on Cloud

Inbuilt test lab on the cloud with 1000+ OS/Browser/Version combos and 2000+ real mobile devices to run thousands of tests in minutes.

Create and run Test Suites across different browsers, versions, operating systems, and devices. Run tests on Real Device Cloud with a range of physical Android and iOS mobile devices. Test internal applications on your local devices.

Testsigma Test Lab on Cloud
Testsigma Affected Resources

AI to reduce Maintenance efforts & improve Productivity

Testsigma Affected Resources

Dynamic Locator Strategy that saves test maintenance time by 70%. Identifies affected tests and potential failures upfront to save execution time & cost.

Saves time and effort required in manually identifying the affected tests when the application changes. Creates a test plan automatically based on past result trends.

Scalable Test Lab on the cloud for Parallel Test Executions to save Time & Cost

Testsigma Parallel Test Execution

Run thousands of tests in minutes in parallel for faster feedback.

Parallel Test Executions to reduce regression testing time from weeks to minutes. Scalable Test Lab on cloud with thousands of test devices/machines to run your tests in parallel for faster feedback in Agile and DevOps.

Testsigma Parallel Test Execution
Testsigma Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing, CI/CD support for Agile and DevOps Teams

Testsigma Continuous Testing

Shift-Left approach, CI/CD integration, and fast feedback to accelerate the delivery of web & mobile apps.

Built for Continuous Testing with a Shift-Left approach to start automation testing right form your design phase.

Our Test Automation & DevOps Experts have got your back

Talk to our dedicated Test Automation Architects & DevOps Engineers available almost 24x7.

Do you want us to automate a few tests for your preferred application to show you the time, cost and resources you can save using Testsigma?

Chat with our Test Automation experts to share your automation requirements, and see how you can achieve test automation ROI immediately, instead of years.

Test Automation and DevOps Experts
Testsigma Inbuilt integrations


with CI, Bug Tracking, Test Management, Collaboration and Other tools

Test automation is not just about writing automated tests. It needs an ecosystem with multiple other tools besides the automation testing tools. Testsigma has inbuilt integrations with Test Management, Bug Reporting, CI/CD, Communication tools to enable continuous testing.

Testsigma Inbuilt integrations