This edition of the newsletter, we are covering one among the hottest buzzwords in the software industry today, ‘Cloud’ technology.

Whether you realize it or not, we are using cloud at least once a day for a number of services.

Let’s get started!

The current situation has caused everyone to begin moving towards cloud-based solutions. Gartner predicts global spending on public cloud services to grow 23.1 per cent in 2021 to a total US$332.3 billion, up from US$270 billion in 2020.

This prediction signals a need to shift focus to cloud-based development and quality assurance.

Here are some ‘on the cloud’ topics that we recommend!

Cloud Computing: Everything You Need To Know
Is the cloud a big deal? What’s the hype all about?

How To Explain Cloud To Your Spouse?
Explaining cloud using an analogy making it a compelling read!

Cloud-Based Testing – A Tester’s Perspective What does moving to cloud mean for testers?

Here’s a downloadable infographic on why you need cloud.

Principal Testing Challenges For Cloud Systems
What are some challenges and risks that testers must be aware of?

How To Overcome The Challenges Of Testing In The Cloud?
Find out how to overcome the challenges.

Why DevOps Teams Need Cloud-Based Solutions
How can DevOps release faster with the support of cloud services?

Is SaaS Really Safe?
How do you pick a cloud service provider?

Working On Cloud As Most In-House Device Labs Are Closed
What is the impact of the pandemic on in-house device labs?

Signs You Need To Invest In A Cloud Based Testing Tool
Wondering when is a good time to adopt a tool? Some signs to look out for.

Cloud+Scriptless Test Automation=A Match Made In Heaven💍

Write simple English tests and run them on a massive real devices’ cloud.
Introduce cloud based test automation in your testing strategy and now!

There’s no arguing that cloud has changed the face of businesses. As we head towards a cloud-based future, are you ready?

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