Is your testing out of tune?

What’s the next step to amp up your automation!? Test Orchestration.

Is that another jargon? A new game changing strategy? Surely is something you should be aware of.

Let’s start by defining the basics:

What Is Test Orchestration? All You Wanted To Know
Is Test Orchestration the same as Test Automation? Find out how you can optimize test cycles by implementing test orchestration.

And then here we answer the Whys:

It’s Time To Start Orchestrating Our Testing Efforts
Chances are you are spending a great deal of time and effort in your manual and automated testing, but not getting the value you seek. A read on why you should orchestrate testing.

From Testing we move to Test Automation:

Test Orchestration And Its Need for Successful Automation
Why is test orchestration something we need to think about?

Fine Tuning Automated Testing With Test Orchestration
A powerful strategy for holistic and continuous automated testing software QA. But with such a strong version of automation power, comes greater orchestration responsibilities.

Let’s see what experts have to say about Test Orchestration and things surrounding it:

Continuous Testing Report 2020
Take a look at the reference of Test Orchestration and its importance in the Continuous Testing 2020 Report by Capgemini.

A Proposal To Orchestrate Test Cases
Project ElasTest, an open-source platform aimed to simplify the end-to-end test process of large software systems.

CI/CD is a major part of test automation orchestration, here is everything you need know:

CI/CD Pipeline: Everything You Need To Know
Test automation and orchestration are popular uses of CI/CD pipelines. While chaining together several different development & testing methodologies, an effective approach is needed to streamline your testing efforts.

Here, are articles that will guide you on how to do test automation orchestration using different tools:

Faster Testing On Android With Mobile Test Orchestrator
LinkedIn created the Mobile Test Orchestrator (MTO), a framework that orchestrates Android tests to run across multiple emulators and servers. MTO claims to keep test run times to a reasonable limit and scale testing capacity as needed. Here’s an overview of MTO.

Test Orchestration: Keeping Your Automated Testing In Tune
Here's how Functionize Architect helps create & orchestrate tests.

Katalon TestOps — Test Orchestration And Quality Analytics Platform
Discover how Katalon TestOps accelerates your orchestration and project quality analytics.

Conducting Your SAP Test Automation Orchestra
We regularly see organizations struggling with test automation across end-to-end (E2E) testing in their SAP landscapes. Look at the challenges of E2E test automation and how Sogeti clients addressed it via a test orchestration strategy.

Build Your Serverless Azure Function Apps With Bazel 1.0
Use Bazel to build an Azure Function application, written in TypeScript. It is time to start investing in this distributed build and test orchestration tool.

Case study:

Quality Orchestration: QA In The Digital Era
A related case study you might like to go through.

Fine Tune Your Automated Testing With An Ecosystem Tailored Just For You!

A fairly new topic, which is not widely discussed.
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