Feature Comparison

Browserstack is the de-facto choice for your test automation woes, but is it a one stop solution?

Comparison overview: Browserstack Vs Testsigma


Supports manual testing

Supports test automation on platform

Yes, in simple English and JAVA for customizations

Supports test execution on platform

Yes, for automated and manual test cases

Supports automated test execution for the desktop web

Yes, via Selenium, Cypress, Puppeteer, Playwright

Yes, via simple English for codeless and JAVA for complex customizations

Supports automated test execution for the mobile web

Yes, via Appium

Yes, via simple English for codeless and JAVA for complex customizations

Supports automated test execution for the mobile app

Yes, via Appium, Espresso, XCUITest or EarlGrey

Yes, via simple English for codeless and JAVA for complex customizations

Supports testing of a locally hosted website

Supports geo-location testing

Supports automated visual testing

Allows testing on real devices

Allows testing on emulators/simulators



OpenSource and Free, They also have a premium cloud-hosted version.

why testsigma

See what makes Testsigma a perfect
solution for all your cross-browser test
automation needs.

software development workflow

Testsigma makes it easy to execute all parts of your test automation journey in one place

Automate your tests, execute, debug, maintain and integrate them with your complete workflow with Testsigma.

  • While Testsigma lets you automate your tests in simple English(for complex scenarios too) - eliminating your need to learn to code. It also lets you execute, maintain, debug and integrate them with a complete software development workflow. It's a one-stop solution for all your test automation needs.

  • Visual Testing

    You can configure visual testing for any step, with the inbuilt support for AI-driven visual testing in Testsigma.

cross-browser testing

Lets you execute your tests on 2000+ real mobile and web browsers

  • Testsigma comes ready to integrate with 2000+ real mobile devices and web browsers to help you execute your automated tests for cross-browser testing, according to your needs.

easy debugging

Easy debugging with detailed reports and supporting screenshots and Videos

  • Debugging your failing test cases is super easy with screenshots and videos readily available for your test executions.

intutive test development

The UI for test development is very intuitive and guides you throughout the process

  • Testsigma has been created with special care and attention given to every module of the tool.

  • This makes sure that each and every part of the tool is built while making it highly intuitive and usable.

Automate test cases

Automate your test cases irrespective of the technology used for development.

  • With Testsigma, you don't have to worry about the language of your software development or the language for your test automation as tests are automated in plain English.

advanced CI/CD and Debug tool

Integration with advanced CI/CD and bug reporting tools.

  • Addressing all parts of your test stack, Testsigma offers a seamless integration with popular tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, Circle CI, etc. to facilitate Continuous Delivery and DevOps workflows

Test management

Test Management in the form of Test Suites and Test Plans

  • You are just not automating and executing your tests. With Testsigma, you can organize your manual test cases too.

Network Throttling

Network Throttling

  • Performance testing scenarios that involve replicating slow networks and increased network latency, can be easily done with Testsigma’s network throttling feature.

Test cross application E2E

Stitch your Web plus Mobile user journeys in one! *NEW*

  • We’re introducing an easier and faster way to combine user journey tests from different applications into one unit. QA teams can now test cross-application E2E scenarios without having to divide and run them as individual workflows.

Getting started with automation?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that makes it simple to create, run and maintain your tests, has awesome customer support backed by community, and is FREE whether you’re just starting out or growing fast, then we built Testsigma just for you!