Webinar : Stable Automated Tests = Better Quality?

A 100% test pass! Is that your main focus? But is that the correct metric always?

Join us on October 27 @ 8.30 pm IST with :

Brijesh Deb Bas Dijkstra

Director of International
Academy at Inspired Testing

Brijesh Deb Lisette Zounon

Head of Quality at
Zsquare Solutions Inc

Brijesh Deb Srinivas Kantipudi

Director, QA at

Brijesh Deb Brijesh Deb

Consultant, Enabler at The
Test Chat (TTC) Community

What we will discuss:

  • Are test coverage metrics overrated?
  • What are the main reasons for unstable tests aka flaky tests
  • How to ensure tests are maintained through automation?
  • How do we establish a stable quality signal & increase quality?
  • Some tools that will help

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