We are your extended DevOps team

Testsigma’s world-class test automation tool combined with our expert services will prove test automation ROI right from the beginning instead of years.
Our team is an effective combination of broad QA expertise and deep test automation knowledge to help you deliver great quality applications faster in Agile and DevOps. From getting started with our test automation tool throughout your test automation journey with us, we are always at your service making sure you get the best value out of Testsigma.

Experts who work with you

Dynamic Test Automation Experts At Testsigma

Testsigma's test automation tool is easy to use, but there are other factors that can hold you back like lack of enough test automation expertise, time/budget constraints, and inadequate resources etc.

Also, you need to optimize your tests, maintain and manage test data sets and choose which test cases to automate.

Our automation experts will take care of all this and speed up your testing process and help deliver quality software on time with a faster time to market at affordable cost.

After learning about your test automation and continuous testing needs in Agile and DevOps, we will start automating your tests right from the beginning and continue to optimize and scale.

Dynamic Test Automation Experts At Testsigma

Our approach to meet your test automation goals for Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Our automation experience with our clients is the core of our implementation methodology. We will design a solution for your unique test automation and DevOps goals’.

Regardless of where you are in the Test Automation/Continuous Testing journey, the complexity of your application, the application readiness, we will partner with you to find the right approach to automate your testing @ DevOps speed.

Here’s how we can help

We’re with you at every stage of your continuous testing journey

Test automation assessment and ROI analysis

Get our experts to assess the automation feasibility and perform an ROI analysis to help you set realistic and achievable test automation goals.

Test automation tool evaluation and recommendations

Our experts will help you evaluate the tools of your choice and then compare the results with that of Testsigma to show you how much cost, time and resources can be saved using Testsigma.

Get started with test automation using Testsigma

Get up and running quickly with our team of experts. We’ll work with you for a solution that delivers results one that you can deploy with confidence.

Test script development and execution

Our experts will work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to develop and execute your tests and help you speed up the test script development process when it is required to meet your testing goals.

Build and optimize your regression test suites

With the expertise of working with hundreds of customers, we create optimized regression test suites and offer increased test coverage.

Optimize test maintenance

As your business evolves, your test automation approach needs to change. Testsigma’s AI-driven approach and the test design by our experts will keep the required changes to a minimum no matter how you change or grow.

Shift towards Continuous Testing for Agile and DevOps

Our experts will be a part of your continuous testing journey and help you in creating a comprehensive strategy for continuous testing that suits Agile and DevOps practices.

Together we’re better

Team Work Test Automation Experts Service

We are a product development company. We understand the modern development methodologies and processes like Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps followed to match with the dynamic business requirements and goals.

Your commendable domain and functional knowledge combined with our continuous testing & DevOps expertise from a product development background will be the best combination to deliver quality products faster than ever.

Together, we will implement the most efficient solution for your environment!

Team Work Test Automation Experts Service

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What you get from our Test Automation Expert Services

Experts to help you get started and running quickly

You don't need to worry about the initial time, cost and resources, our Test Automation Experts will help you get started with your automation testing for DevOps.

Build a roadmap to success with our expertise and experience

Our partnership goes beyond automating your tests. We have customers at our side to back up our expertise, and we take what we have learned and put it to work for you.

Empower teams to accomplish goals

We preach engagement. We offer flexible options for the advancement of the team. We empower your teams with training so that you’re equipped with the knowledge required in Agile and DevOps.

Always on service to accomplish your quality mission

Our experts will always be with you to automate your testing continuously. You can leave your quality mission to us so that you can focus on your product development and your business.

Experts when you need a helping hand

Get our experts on board only as you need them. To speed up your testing, to complete the timeline, optimize the test cases or streamline the testing process, we can participate at any stage to help you immediately.

Get our expert onboard for less than your manual tester /QA expert cost.
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Why Testsigma

  • Costs you nothing to get started

    No obligations and no questions asked to get started with our expert services, our experts will show you the sample results of what we have in store for you even before you subscribe.

  • Super fast test script development

    With our expertise and experience in handling different customers testing requirements, our experts can guarantee to automate your tests 5X faster.

  • Industry’s best practices and optimized approaches

    With the experience gained from our customers and from developing multiple automation testing tools, we use industry’s best practices and approaches for your Agile and DevOps needs, with lesser effort.

  • Having developed multiple test automation tools

    Our experts will bring in the experience, best practices, and approaches that we used to develop Testsigma’s test automation tools.

  • Experts for your unified testing requirements

    Each of our experts can automate different type of applications for your end to end testing.

  • ROI right from the beginning, instead of years

    Testsigma’s continuous testing platform and our expertise will prove ROI right from the beginning instead of years.

  • Rapidly scale on-demand

    Scale up or down the number of experts you need, based on your ‘on-demand’ needs that fit Agile and DevOps strategies.

  • Strong product team backing

    At the core, we are a product development company developing automated testing tools. All our experts are backed by a strong product team to deliver the best possible results always on time.

  • Agile and DevOps focused

    As a product development company that practices Agile and DevOps, our experts are comfortable to work in short and aggressive cycles.

Our approach is tailor-made for your DevOps strategy!
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How does it work?

We’ve developed a tried and proven multi-phased approach for delivering quality regardless of where you are in your continuous
testing journey how complex your application or test approach may be.

  • Understand your requirements to give you a plan of action

    To begin with, our experts will understand your requirements to give you a plan of action and an estimate of time and effort required to automate your testing to meet your goals.

  • Start with test script development to deliver right from day one

    With all the experience gained from our customers, our experts will start writing the tests right from day one with no ramp-up delay.

  • Collaborate with your team and share the results on Testsigma platform

    Using Testsigma’s platform, our experts will continuously collaborate with your team to review the progress, address open questions and make review changes if required.

  • Train your team as we complete our assigned tasks and move out.

    We will also train your team with an overview of the product. Our experts will make sure your team can continue the journey independently by providing recommendations and best practices for test automation and continuous testing over a series of remote calls, sessions.

  • Engage and contribute continuously to optimize your effort and stay on track

    Our experts will give you updates on the status and ensure that the project stays on track, manage change and mitigate potential risk. We bring in the expertise and experience gained to delve into complex issues and make effective solutions for better results.

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