“How did the testers miss this!?”👀

Issues in production are often attributed to bad testing.

Whenever a software is executed, some errors will ofcourse make themselves known with due course of time. It's all about how we handle them!

In this edition of our newsletter, we talk about ‘bugs’ in all aspects and perspectives of testing.

The 'Joy' Of Finding Bugs
Testers like to find bugs. The work satisfaction can be related to the number of bugs found and, how? Here’s an interesting take.

Can Tests Cause Bugs?
If tests are a safety system put in place to prevent production bugs, and safety systems can cause the problems they are put in place to prevent,
can tests themselves cause bugs?

Where Sleeping Bugs Lie Kevin Tuck relates a tester to an archaeologist, only you’re trying to uncover software bugs rather than dinosaurs or historic artefacts!

7 Reasons Why Software Developers Are Prone to Bugs Bugs are the most dangerous enemies of a program. Check out CRIMSON, 7 causes of bugs and how to work to reduce them.

When Software Bugs Are Literally Fatal
Why is it so hard to write bug-free software? Is there a solution?

How Do You Prevent Regression Defects?
A situation where regression defects keep reappearing and one quick strategy that can get into fixing it.

As A Tester I Should Not Find THESE Bugs In The System
When you test a new feature and learn that the happy flow isn’t working or isn’t QA ready, what can the dev-test team do to make the situation better? Is buggy software normal?

Bug Priorities: 5 Tips For Balancing The Urgent And The Important
With a backlog of so many bugs to choose from, how to prioritize bugs and select the “right” ones for release. Here are five important tips for choosing which bugs to address.

Apply Appropriate Tools And Skills To Buggy Software
Normal software is buggy but this causes us to work harder, learning more technology and making sure we pick the right tools. An article by Alan Richardson.

Software Testing Errors To Look Out For (With Examples)
Discussing two types of errors; software and testing errors.

Things Testers Miss
Learn to recognize each type of testing problem and discover ways to mitigate or eliminate it.

Common Software Testing Mistakes Beginners Make & How To Avoid
Are you a beginner? Here are some mistakes you need to look out for.

6 Common Test Automation Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
Success in test automation is less about getting it right and more about avoiding mistakes that let costly defects get through. Here are 6 recurring ("deadly") mistakes you should avoid.

Issues About Metrics About Bugs
Are you using the right metrics to assess a bug?

Errors Made During API Testing
9 common API testing errors and solutions that may help to improve the API testing methodologies, health, and test results.

Before You Log That Bug...
Some things we should check before we report a bug so you don’t end up like “the boy who cried wolf.”

Deploy to Production: 5 Tips To Make It Smoother
Some ways to smoothly deploy to production without risking quality. These tips will mitigate some issues experienced when deploying to production.

Top Manual Deployment Failures
Ways a manual deployment can fail and how automation can combat these failures.

Error Guessing
Have you guessed an error? Error guessing is an approach by which a tester goes into defect-sensitive spots in the system and devices suitable test cases for these.

Error Seeding
Would you deliberately introduce errors in your test cases? Well, you may want to consider that!

It is important to focus on the value a bug brings to the business and the customer rather than just finding and fixing them, what say?

Testing is not something one can master, new experiences and always something new to learn! But we can learn what kind of tests to perform and what kind of bugs are common.

Let us know your experiences, the best entries will get featured!

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