As your test suites grow larger, chances are you’ll run into a common problem - your automation tests take hours to finish! 😨 What’s the solution?

Parallel Testing to the rescue! It enables you to run thousands of test cases in one go! With parallel testing, you can automate more tests in less time to catch bugs early.

This edition will help you learn some good practices and steps you need to take before you start executing parallel tests.

Before we get into the details, what exactly is parallel testing?

To Infinity And Beyond: A Guide To Parallel Testing
Why go parallel? What’s the biggest danger of parallel testing? Here’s an article that discusses some good parallel testing practices.

How to Run Your Automated Tests Concurrently (Parallel Execution Tips)
Suggestions from experts to design automated tests to run in parallel execution along with some actionable tips for testers. Great resource from Joe Colantonio.

How to Perform Parallel Execution in Selenium Webdriver Using TestNG
Mukesh Otwani explains how with the help of TestNG you can perform parallel test execution in Selenium.

Running Multiple Appium Tests In Parallel
How to set up parallel testing locally, utilizing either multiple Appium servers or just a single server hosting multiple sessions.

6 Ways To Do Automated UI Testing In Parallel With Selenium
Selenium protocol implementations applied to VMs, Docker, Kubernetes, and the cloud

Now that we know what it is about, let’s check out some resources to make it effective!

Parallelizing Test Automation? Read This First.
Parallelization is a lot of work, but if you approach it responsibly, the work is worth the gain in throughput. Here's what to know before you begin.

Overcoming Challenges When Moving Toward Parallel Testing
Discuss common parallel testing pain points, and ways in which these pain points can be overcome to increase the adoption of parallelization in an organization’s testing model.

Speeding Up Your Tests: Short Tests In Parallel
Titus Fortner walks us through the power of parallelization in testing, and some ways to speed up tests.

Automation in action & some tools

Running Parallel Functional Tests
Amit Michaely explains how you can run stateful test flows simultaneously, effectively, based on examples in Go that query MongoDB and Redis.

Parallel Execution Using Specflow, NUnit And Selenium
Implementing parallelism using Specflow, NUnit and Selenium.

Parallel Testing: Get Feedback Earlier, Release Faster
How to test your iOS apps with Xcode 10(by Apple) effectively. Covers how machines are configured, problems that are encountered, tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of parallel testing.

How To Run Over 30k Tests In Under 5 Minutes
Beyond the specific strategies listed here, this article is a reminder that we need to optimize bottlenecks so tests run fast, for a better feedback loop.

An unparalleled parallel testing experience! 🚀

Now, imagine parallel tests setup on multiple browsers! Bigger tests and on multiple environments!

And, we will leave you at that 😉

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