Testsigma's On-demand Test Automation Services program

Testsigma’s On-Demand Test Automation Expert Services

DevOps increases an organization’s ability to continuously deliver applications and services at speed. Continuous Testing has emerged to match today’s DevOps/Continuous Delivery standards & Test Automation is the best approach towards Continuous Testing.

Testsigma has long been helping enterprises shift easily from manual to continuous testing for Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices of today.

To keep up with the Agile development cycles, there is less time to automate within tight release cycles. To ensure quality that matches the pace of these short cycles, a well built DevOps strategy is necessary and this is exactly what Testsigma offers!

Testsigma’s AI-Driven #SmartTestAutomation platform built for Agile and DevOps Teams for Continuous Delivery helped many enterprises to automate testing within tight release cycles.

However, there are teams looking to shift toward continuous testing platforms for Agile and DevOps on a less familiar terrain and may have a level of uncertainty on the proportion of tests that needs to be automated, the selection of tests for automation, analysis of the automation strategy for an effective Return on Investment, what and what not to automate.

Testsigma understands this situation that a continuous testing platform is not just enough, the right guidance and expertise is also necessary to take effective actions at the right stages.

An Automation expert with through understanding of continuous testing can make things easier for rest of the team right from day one. But it will take time and effort to build a new team and test automation ecosystem from scratch, and impacts the overall time. Also, the automation requirements often change.

You may need more resources immediately. You cannot scale up or down the number of automation experts immediately.

To address these complex situations and growing requirements, Testsigma introduces the On-Demand Automation Expert Services that help you achieve your continuous testing goals from day one with near-zero initial time, cost and resources!

Availing automation expert at right time at affordable cost to help take necessary decisions at the right stages. The flexibility of having automation experts only as required, reduces the automation expense which is otherwise otiose.

Why Test Automation Expert Services?

Let us examine some of the challenges of getting started with Continuous Testing or Test Automation.

  1. A High Ramp up time: to learn and adapt to the technologies being used and setting them up for every testing teams.
  2. Initial Cost: involved in setting up the test automation ecosystem of tools, team and the resources.
  3. Technical complexity: Complex programming and in-depth technical skills required to automate.After working with our customers, we understand that its not just the initial technical challenges, availability of the right resources at time and cost also a key to start continuous testing journey.
  4. Additional Resources: Integrations/Maintenance and management of tools and resources.
  5. ROI wait: Automated Software Testing efforts would pay off as effective ROI but, gradually.

Read more on the Essential elements to get started with Automation Testing.

Why Testsigma?

Testsigma has addressed all these shortcomings in the AI-Driven Continuous Testing Platform to match the Agile and DevOps strategy.

Testsigma is built to address these requisites in automation and is as your manual testing efforts, and most of our customers are finding it productive.
Often, teams need a little support to cope with changes regardless of whether the solution is easy or hard.

It will be easy if there is help from a product experts/experts who can help you get started and offer the best approach to reach your test automation goals as and when you need.

With the On-Demand Automation Expert Services, we also aim to address issues with a lack of good enough resources. It is not always about the technical challenges in automating, but the availability of the right resources at right stages, time and cost restraints in getting started with continuous testing journey.

These are some of the important reasons why Testsigma started its On-Demand Automation Expert Services earlier this year.

How It Works?

With the On-Demand Test Automation Expert Service, you will be assigned with a dedicated team of experts at Testsigma who will study your requirements and help you decide and automate all or required tests working alongside and independently right from the start.

The assigned expert will work with your team at remotely in your time zone, you can use his/her services to automate all or some of your tests. These experts are trained to work in different kinds of environments, as early as the stages when the requirement documents are not ready.

Our experts know what works best and will work to achieve them and keeps you up to date with a cost-effective maintenance strategy.
Learn more about the Test Automation Expert service, request a demo or a POC today!

How to measure the deliverables from the assigned resource?

During the first week of your evaluation process of Testsigma, our experts will understand the application completely by understanding the requirements and by the end of the first week, provide you with the average number of tests that will be automated on a weekly or monthly basis.

You need to proceed further only if you are happy with the numbers. No chargers are applied until this point.

What if the assigned experts fail to deliver on time?

If the Experts failed to deliver the committed deliverables on time, Testsigma will take the responsibility to replace or add additional resources and complete the tasks on time.

You can track the progress of execution by checking weekly/monthly reports and point out any issues to fill the gaps if any.

How much does it cost?

The price starts at $1299/month. Based on the complexity of your application, this can vary. You may unsubscribe to this service any time from your Testsigma account automatically.

You may unsubscribe to this service any time from your Testsigma account automatically.

We are a product development company with expertise in building the next generation #SmartContinuousTesting platform that is being used by organisations of different sizes. With the product development background, our experts can clearly understand the complete requirements of our customers before jumping in.

Over the years we were able to build the best possible solution for our customers test automation requirements. We are positive that our experts are familiar with the best approach to meet the expectations of our customers be it an end-to-end web, mobile application/API testing.

The best part of the On-Demand Test Automation Expert Services is that even when you subscribe for a single expert service, the entire team of Testsigma will be dedicated to meeting the customer requirements. You can gain access to Testsigma’s talent pool through your assigned resource expert.

The automation experts are proficient in not just our platform but multiple automation tools, frameworks and are also familiar with the best approaches to address a particular requirement of the customer.

Testsigma experts have seen numerous test automation requirements of different customers, and have been providing with the right solution to meet the needs.

What Next?

Testsigma has been able to help businesses achieve effective automation in less time.

Analyze as our experts demonstrate how implementing having our experts on your side will save you time, cost, resources, minimize risk and improve release quality continuously in your Agile and DevOps strategy using a pilot scenario that scales.

Talk to our experts in the chat section to learn more!

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